With Mayor Rawlings' Blessing, Bishop Avenue is Now Complete

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Delia Jasso has cut a large ribbon with oversized novelty scissors. Now you can ride your bike on Bishop Avenue.
It was 2010 when developer Dave Spence sat down with hipster-vist Jason Roberts at Cafe Brazil to hash out exactly what to do with the stretch of Bishop Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and Davis Street. The road's four lanes acted as a kind of moat, which clashed their shared ideal of pedestrian- and bike-friendly infrastructure.

Spence's initial idea was essentially to build a median, but that was scrapped because of cost and because the short stretch that had already been built in front of Cafe Brazil served as little more than something else for cars to drive over.

Roberts suggested turning it into Dallas' first complete street by widening the sidewalks, putting in bike lanes, and narrowing the roadway. There was money for the project left over from the 2006 bond package, so that's what they decided to do.

Bishop Avenue narrowly missed being first -- that honor belongs to Mary Cliff Road next to Rosemont Elementary, which got a buffered bike lane two months ago -- but two years and $3.7 million later, it's officially complete.

Mayor Mike Rawlings presided over a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning to mark the occasion. He was joined by City Councilwoman Delia Jasso, who steered the project through city bureaucracy, and a few dozen other council members, community leaders and city staff.

"This was kind of the culmination of all that (work)," Roberts said this afternoon. "I'm also kind of surprised to finally see it" actually happen.

The new, improved Bishop Avenue has two lanes of traffic, with a center turn lane and bike lanes running along either side. Brick crosswalks intersect the road at several spots. Parallel parking is available along the sidewalk.

"This is a prime example of what a living street is," Jasso said at this morning's ceremony, according to Roy Appleton's report in the Morning News.

Roberts agrees. Traffic is slower, and the street feels more pedestrian-friendly. The new landscaping and light posts also provide a nice touch. "I think it's the best-looking street in town now."

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that stretch of bishop avenue is the best street in the city. now if the city can figure out how to do it in under a year we'll get some things done. 

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

The Mayor needs to go after those Jimmy Johns delivery cyclists who tear up and down downtown sidewalks.


4 mil wasted on smug assholes who should all be deported to Brooklyn.



"Bicyclists killed my father and raped my mother!" in 3...2...

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

 @Myrna.Minkoff-Katz Why don't you complain directly to JJ's? I'm guessing that the company would not like to be known as the employer of careless and rude delivery people.


I think that would be my first step and  a far more effective strategy than your extended DO comments complaint campaign.


 @WaitForIt They killed both my fathers and my mother! And when I passed one on the curb she jumped under my wheels

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