With Jimmy-Jerry Spat Again in the Headlines, NFL Films Looks Back at the Origins of the Feud

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The always-simmering debate over whether Jerry Jones has too much control over the Cowboys' football operations was brought to a boil last week after former coach Jimmy Johnson traced the team's "country club" atmosphere back to Jones. That sparked something of a back-and-forth about who was in charge in the glory days of the early '90s that exhausted itself once the Morning News consulted it's archives to determine it was, in fact, Jimmy.

It's fitting, then, that NFL Films would choose the moment to debut its hour-long documentary on Johnson, complete with the segment above, which examines Jimmy and Jerry's epic battle of egos. The anecdote Johnson uses to illustrate the feud -- Jerry taking credit for signing Tony Casillas -- is minor, but it underlines a point that was always clear: that Jerry's insistence on meddling in the team's football operations prematurely ended Johnson's productive tenure in Dallas.

Cue the speculation of what might have been.

"It was devastating. Devastating," former receiver Michael Irvin tells the camera. "As blessed and as fortunate as we've been, when I'm with Troy, to this day we still talk about we should have at least five rings."

Cut to Troy Aikman, who says essentially the same thing.

"Yeah, I'm disappointed that we didn't have a chance to exhaust that relationship and figure out how good it could have been."

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Can we collectively dial back on this "story"? The Ticket and the other sports radio outlets beat this in to the ground last week. Jerry makes up shit to make himself feel special. That's not really news after 20+ years. 


remember when Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones drafted Jimmie Jones (1990)?

they were just messing with us, right?


Jerry is a genius. He has put a consistently inferior product on the field for the last 15 years, but during that time he has built a billion dollar stadium with substantial public money, increased the value of his franchise past a billion dollars, sold out virtually every game and made a ton of money on merchandise sales, all despite the team being a bunch of lethargic underachievers. The only thing he seems to crave more than money is attention, which is why he makes those stupid pizza commercials and continues to micro-mismanage the athletic side of his business.


I hated those Cowboys teams with Jimmy and Jerra; but I respected them-ALOT. I like this current team since Parcells took over, they had a real chance to do something, but I definitely don't respect them; and neither does anyone else. 


<em>that Jerry's insistence on meddling in the team's football operations prematurely ended Johnson's productive tenure in Dallas.</em>


Yep. The guy took an elite franchise, lucked into a great coach, sacked the great coach and went on to wreck a great franchise.


Great salesman, actually seems like an OK guy outside the whole football management thing, should stay the hell out of the locker room. Or the NFL.



['But Snyder in DC is trying his best to keep up with Jerry in the race to the bottom, but still slightly behind. So we got that going for us.']

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

 @mcdallas the JJ that I refer to as "He whose name shall not be uttered least ye be forever damned to spend eternity in the hellfires of damnation."


Obviously not Jimmy Johnson, who I believe had the last laugh ...

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

 @mcdallas  @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul im guessing Jerruh although itd be funny to see them scissor each other on the set of the Fox pregame and then explode into a million pieces scattered all over Terrys bald head  and menefee

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