Tom Corea Got Evicted, So Naturally He Tore the Place Up and Left Penis Art on the Wall

2028 Farrington, pre-Corea.
When attorney Tom Corea moved his now-defunct legal practice into a 10,000-square foot Design District warehouse a year ago, he wasted little time in adding the Corea touch. He installed ostentatious mahogany-and-marble counters; covered the sidewalk with a glued-on rubber tread; and, in several rooms, installed Hugh Hefner-caliber deep scarlet.

He didn't get to enjoy his decorative flourishes for long, though. Corea was evicted from his Farrington Street office at midnight on Thursday after it became clear that Corea wasn't any better about paying his rent than about paying for anything else.

tomcorea kitchen.jpg
Vana Margolese, a California-based attorney who owns the property with her husband, said Corea called after receiving the eviction notice and politely asked for time to move out. But Corea, already facing criminal charges and a slew of civil lawsuits for allegedly screwing clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, was not about to let this latest indignity to go unavenged. As his landlord discovered later on Thursday morning, he completely trashed the place.

The landlord, who asked not to be identified for fear of being associated with Corea's handiwork, gave Unfair Park a tour of the wreckage that afternoon. The damage started at the front steps, where the metal hand-railing had been ripped out. The floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the steps had been spray-painted until every inch was an opaque white.

Inside, the floor was littered with garbage: empty boxes of legal documents; food wrappers; a broken Heineken bottle next to a wadded up Happy Birthday banner; putrid, half-eaten tuna packets; pieces of toilet paper, clearly used, by the toilet in the bathroom.

In one room, someone had taken a sledgehammer or similar implement to a granite counter top, which had been split in two. Another room had a hole through the sheetrock about the size and height of a grown man's lower leg. The kitchen faucet was snapped from his base, dangling next to an empty bottle of cheap sparkling wine.

The loading dock, where the metal jamb was ripped from the wall.
A lot of stuff was simply missing, like every single one of the light fixtures, light switch plates, outlet covers, and thermostat. Gone, too, were both bathroom sinks (and connecting pipes), every single cabinet door, and most of the full-sized doors. The steel jamb of the loading doors had been pulled from the frame, apparently the result of being attached by a tow cable to an accelerating truck.

To complete the performance, the walls were adorned with several crudely drawn penises shown ejaculating on the landlord's name, and a note that "Crownpoint Judge Irene Toledo is a Fat Whore" who can give a good time if you call her Arizona phone number.

tomcorea jizzing penis.jpg
A sampling of Corea's artwork.
Margolese said she's in the midst of getting bids to repair the damage. The landlord estimated the cost to be in the neighborhood of $200,000. Given the more than $7 million in debt Corea already has, they'll have to get in line.

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Looks like things are going splendid for ol' Tom.  Rock bottom, anyone?


File CRIMINAL CHARGES against him then.  WHY was THAT not mentioned in the article??

ChrisYu topcommenter

Corea's willie looks like Reunion Tower.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Curious; at what point does the state bar remove his license to practice law?

Being Meg
Being Meg

LOL phallic art in the USA. Maybe photos of this could be sold or put in galleries?

Montemalone topcommenter

Why do I get the feeling this is all gonna end with a slow police chase down the Tollway at rush hour?

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Let this be a lesson to everyone ... when you lock out a commercial tenant ... do not, under any circumstances, allow them to remove their personal property unsupervised.


You may also wish to consider hiring an off duty policeman for security while your tenant removes their personal property.


You may also want to try the following tactic:


"If you vacate the premises by 5 PM this Friday and leave the premises undamaged, I will give you $1,000 in cash."

James080 topcommenter

"...empty boxes of legal documents."


So were the boxes empty, or did they contain legal documents?


I'm genuinely alarmed at how poorly drawn that dick is. Like, unsettlingly so. 


"Vana Margolese, a California-based attorney who owns the property with her husband"


"The landlord, who asked not to be identified"


Uh what?




How about: "If you vacate the premises by 5 PM this Friday and leave the premises undamaged, I will allow you to keep your kneecaps."

EricNicholson4 moderator

 @James080 Excuse me. "empty boxes that formerly contained legal documents." Better?


 @Anna_Merlan Maybe he's deformed? Also, why is such willful destruction of property considered a civil, not criminal, matter?


@Anna_Merlan I wonder if he spent time in the UK as everything there has the same logo?


it's both.  he's been charged criminallly and sued in the civil realm as well.  he's currently in jail.


 @engmofo  They draw misshapen dicks on everything? I haven't been, but it sounds right. 


 @ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul  @CitzenKim

 If it was MY property that this punk crapped up, it might be worth it.


Since he is so obsessed with penises, I hope that he sees a quite a few up close and intimate once he's doing time.


@gatorgirl according to Dallas county, he's not been charged with criminal mischief, he previous bond was revoked. As of today, there is not a pending lawsuit for the damages either.


Thanks for the answer. Would that agreement also protect anyone who might have been with him? Because it sounds like he probably had help.

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