Thieves Cut Hole in Roof of South Dallas Grocery, Steal $21,000 in Beer, Cigarettes, and Lotto Tickets

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The back door of Dixon Grocery, a few steps from where James Harper was shot by a Dallas police officer this summer, is damn near impenetrable. It survived an attempted break-in last night with some serious dents and three damaged padlocks but remained intact.

The roof, unfortunately, was not so well fortified. It gave way relatively easily as the burglars cut a hole and climbed into the building.

The store's owner found the hole when he arrived this morning. He also found merchandise scattered on the floor and the damaged back door. What he didn't find were 30 cases of beer, dozens of cartons of cigarettes and cigars, and 25 packages of Lotto tickets, all of which they somehow managed to hoist through the hole in the roof.

All told, the store, lost $21,800 worth of merchandise. Reached by phone, the store's owner declined to comment, saying he was too busy. The thieves are no doubt busy as well, probably glued to CNN to watch the election results come in.

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ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Such a lovely neighborhood ... I just can't understand for the life of me why no one wants to run a business in South Dallas.


And white guilt liberals wonder why Whole Foods won't open there? Food desert for a reason.


What may be funny is when/if they get the grand prize on one of those scratch offs and attempt to collect their "winnings."  Lotto tkts are serialized and the commission knows where each tkt was sent.  Instead of $100,000.00 check they get a pair of shinny $50.00 matching bracelets.

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