Texas Nationalist Movement's President Wants You To Think He Wrote That White House Secession Petition

At this point, you've probably heard just about enough about petitions, particularly the one lobbying the White House to let Texas "peacefully secede" from the United States . It's got over 100,000 signatures at this point, our managing editor Patrick Williams thinks the whole thing is deeply, pants-shittingly disturbing, and the rest of us are still wondering where we can buy a tiny holster for our gun's gun once Texas becomes the Republic-of.

But before that petition story had been flogged into a bloody, unrecognizable pulp by local and national media, there was another petition, circulated fruitlessly since February or so by Daniel Miller and the Texas Nationalist Movement, the organization of which he is president. We wrote about that just after the election last week. (The comments section from that article is still filling up with thoughtful nuggets about "this Islamists/Marxists [sic] president of ours.") And you'll never guess who popped up on Sean Hannity's TV show last night, chatting it up about secession while being given credit for starting the petition to the White House.

The clip comes to us courtesy of Mediaite, and begins with Hannity asking Miller, "You needed 25,000 to take it to the White House, you got 80,000. How long have you been trying to get people to sign this petition?" (Thereby demonstrating, among other things, the level of research Sean Hannity conducts to prepare for his show.)

"Well," replied Miller, smoothly side-stepping the fact that "Micah H.," a freshman from the University of Texas at Arlington, is actually responsible for all those signatures, "This petition is relatively new. But our organization has had a petition drive through the last two sessions of the Texas Legislature for this particular purpose." And every session, he added, TNM accumulates "thousands of signatures" from Texans "that just want to be able to have this issue come to a vote."

Miller called it a "cruel irony" that people like him and Sean Hannity, "who are really committed to the principles of liberty and freedom as envisioned by our founders" should have to stay yoked to a Union "that has fundamentally changed." Texas is treated like a "cash cow" by the feds, he added, who have "no regard for the sovereignty of the states."

Miller also added that "the petition that's going to the White House will accomplish virtually nothing." But, he said, "It will send a very clear message that the people of Texas want their independence."

Ultimately, he said, "any type of process where any state would choose to leave the Union must come down a vote of the people." If the issue were put to a non-binding referendum vote here, he added, the polling the TNM has done "shows that we would carry a majority of Texas."

The evidence for that seems a little dubious, let's say, given that less than 1 percent of the state has signed the largest secession petition. But Hannity sure seems invigorated by the idea. Fox News and the Texas Nationalists have both had a hard week. Why not give them this moment of weird, irrational sunshine?

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Who ever wrote this crap she calls journalism has no Ideal what she's talking about the TNM  distanced them self from that petition. Texas when we get the majority of the people to realize how much better we would be with out DC and that will happen, maybe not today but it will happen will do it we don't need permission.


Less than 800,000 Texans voted n this last election and now 114,000 people have signed the petition.


Hi, Anna. My name is Karen. I'm a member of The Texas Nationalist Movement. The petition Daniel was speaking of is here:

https://www.texasnationalist.com/index.php/the-petition It is a petition demanding "that the Governor and Legislature of Texas conduct a referendum on whether Texas should again become a sovereign and independent nation."


Having worked closely with Daniel and his precious wife, Cara, over the last year, I can tell you with much certainty that does not want nor would he take, credit for a White House petition "asking permission" to leave the Union as this is a state, not federal, matter.


Daniel is very knowledgeable about - and has devoted much of his life to - the study of world, U.S., state and local politics. He has also studied the U.S. Constitution and Texas' Bill of Rights extensively. You could mention just about any bill up for motion in either house or senate, federal or state, and he would most likely know what it states and where it stands. Besides that, he's a wonderful husband, father and friend. 


Also, I appreciate your concern that we've had a rough week but no, it hasn't been. Busy, but productive and we are all doing well. In closing, thank you for your time, Anna. Much appreciated. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and happy holidays. Blessing to you and yours. 


Best Regards, 


Karen Brantley






Does the petition mean anything when the US government collapses because it has unsustainable debt and can never repay it?  Who do we complain to when the government checks stop?

holmantx topcommenter

As of Wednesday, the number of such petitions had grown to 50, one for each state, according to the Los Angeles Times. Vermont, a state so blue that one of its two U.S. Senators is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialist Party, became the last state to file a petition.


ABCNews reports that Texas now leads the secession race with 101,328 online signatures. The news site also notes that a number of anti-secession petitions have now been submitted, some of them vengeful in their demands. One reads:


"Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported."




Now, Texas CAN legally split into five states and flood the Senate with 10 senators . . . 



There is a more impact full protest in motion, layoffs, reduced hours and higher prices due to the less affordable affordable care. So far, the solutions from the left seem to be along the lines of boycotts, which will cut business revenues further, causing more layoffs. Brilliant.


As I understand it, once a state "decides" to leave the union all of the states must approve it.  Anyone?

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I'm pleasantly surprised that only 100K Texans signed the silly thing.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Steam-fitters call it a "pressure release valve".


Texas just can't stand itself unless it is embarrassing itself in front of the rest of the world.  If by some weird coincidence this should even come close to passing, we will be outta' here.  There are other lovely places to live in the states or the world for that matter. But, I am an American.  I have lived outside the country for years at a time but here is where I need my bones to rest.

Montemalone topcommenter

Don't all these swizzledicks realize the problem this will cause? They'll have to change the name to Seven Flags. It just doesn't sound right. And what kinda rides are they gonna have?


Whoever put up that petition sure is getting a lot of mileage from it, the most successful troll of the year.

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