A Witness Watched Two Dudes Gun Down Another Saturday, in Defense of Mom's Honor

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Just after midnight on Saturday, an employee of an apartment complex off of Bonnie View Road, not far from Paul Quinn College, was sitting in his car when saw a man in a gray hoodie shooting in the direction of a nearby creek. The man was screaming: "That was my mama, bitch!"

And he wasn't alone. A second man, in a black hoodie, was rushing in the same direction, and fired off one shot toward the creek and a fence in the eastern part of the apartment complex.

The man in the gray hoodie, later identified as James Hines, allegedly opened fire again, shouting, "That was my motherfucking mom!" Then the witness saw Hines crumple to the ground. A second witness says she heard Hines calling to the man in the black hoodie, identified as Frederick King, asking for help finding his gun.

Hines had been hit in the leg. The apartment complex employee says he watched Hines flee in a car at a "high rate of speed." Their work was done. The body of their alleged victim, Isaac Turner, hung from the fence where he fell.

King drove Hines to Methodist Central Hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the thigh. When police caught up to him, he told them he was shot over a girl, but stayed tight-lipped otherwise. He apparently made no further mention of his mother.

Hines has since been arrested and charged with murder. According to the Dallas Morning News, there is a second suspect still at large, though it isn't clear at this point whether the suspect is King.

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Warning, bottleneck of cranky-ass rightwing crackers suffering from confirmation bias ahead, keep your intelligence and hands inside the car while they wail and their tighty-whitey underwear twists into knots.


"That was my mama, bitch!" ----- Wasn't that the name of the lost Good Times episode?


Another fuckin shooting in the hood, .I'm shocked, ...................................the monkeys are loose!

observist topcommenter

How proud and thankful his mother must be that her son is a murderer.


They need to celebrate diversity and start gunning down some Mondays


Another Saturday gunned down in its prime. How long, O Lord, how long?

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