Why Does John Wiley Price Keep Calling Guys Who Hire Prostitutes "Sponsors"?

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In 2007, Dallas County began a prostitution diversion plan in which people caught selling sex are often funneled into treatment programs rather than simply locked up. The idea -- a fairly progressive one -- is that prostitutes are most often victims who become trapped in a vicious circle rather than criminals who should be locked away.

Over the next four years, the program contacted 728 prostitutes, 201 of which were eligible and opted to enter residential treatment programs, according to the program's most recent annual report. Of those who completed the treatment, slightly under half weren't subsequently re-arrested for prostitution.

Most of Dallas County's commissioners consider that to be a success. Maurine Dickey was particularly vocal in her support for the program during today's Commissioners Court meeting; she was joined by her colleagues in a bipartisan, 4-0 vote in favor of continuing the county's participation in the program by funding its contribution through the district attorney's office.

The missing fifth vote belongs to John Wiley Price. According to a recap from the Morning News, he questioned the program's cost effectiveness. Then, he asked whether the county's treatment program for johns is mandatory or voluntary. But Price didn't say "johns." He didn't say "men who pay for sex," either.

"You call them 'johns," I call them 'sponsors,'" he explained, according to the News.

Now, "sponsor," is something you do to NPR or the local Little League team. It's a gift, not always without self-interest but always with the hope that it helps the recipient succeed. To think that's ever the case in prostitution is at best paternalistic, at worst a dismissal of the idea that prostitutes can ever be victims, and regardless it's quite odd.

Maybe Price didn't mean anything by the term. Perhaps it's a product of some quirk of his diction. Whatever the case, he stayed mostly silent during the rest of the discussion and abstained from voting on the measure. We've got a call in for an explanation. We'll update this post when ... ah, forget it.

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mavdog topcommenter

Wjy does JWP use the term "sponsors"?


that's easy.


This is the prelude to JWP's defense of the charges he took bribes.


See, those folks who funneled all those $ to JWP and his assistant were not giving him money for all those votes and the ability to rip off the County, they were merely "sponsors" of his campaign to change the way business is done.


In this new paradigm, JWP isn't a "prostitute" selling his favors for money, no far from it. JWP is just accepting the $ from his "sponsors".


The attempt at changing labels is JWP extending professional courtesy to those women who are caught doing just what JWP has been doing...


WHY does the city of Dallas continue to tolerate this fool? How is it possible for an elected official to engage in blatant and public racism, threaten and offend and insult people, and advocate for criminal activities? Price is just one more example of why Dallas is a disgrace to Texas. 

mcdallas topcommenter

There's only one "John" around here, and the rest of his name is Wiley Price.


Wonder what he thinks about "Wile E. Coyote"?  Waiting for him to suggest we change his name to "While F. Coyote"... 


I am sure that JWP doesn't see himself as a "corrupt politician" or an "outright crook".  He sees himself a "public facilitator" who helps out citizens in exchange for a "small donation". 


lol I think it's great he calls them sponsors;that's exactly what they are.& the rehabilitation program is hilarious I mean what about the women who've made the free choice to do it & are business women?I just don't understand how they still criminalize something that two grown adults consented to & is never ever going to go away no matter what anybody does about it.my guess is that homeboy feels the same;btw I am a business woman from canada & we don't go to jail for that around these parts.maybe some people should pull the sticks out of their ass


It does seem a strange way to term a criminal act.   Have you asked him?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

He'd rather think of himself as a "philanthropist".


After all, "John" would be redundant, now wouldn't it, John?

James080 topcommenter

And pimps are "pleasure facilitators." Maybe the commissioner called johns "sponsors" so as not to insult his friends and associates.

ChrisYu topcommenter

JWP is proud to be the Official 'Sponsor' of Dallas County politics. 

Montemalone topcommenter

If JWP don't got no hos to run, hows'he gonna keep up with the Bentley?



Evidently Canadien teachers do not include grammar and sentence structure in their curriculum. I should not have been surprised, after all this woman thinks 'hosbe4bros' is a cute tag and ALL prostitution is consensual without the slightest consideration of slavery or coercion being involved.


Jeez, Louise.



You know, humor aside, maybe this is the root cause.  He doesn't like them being called "Johns" because that's his name, and that offends him.  Sort of like the whole "black hole" kerfuffle.  He doesn't like the word because he's convinced himself that it's a personal attack.


no I just don't think that ALL prostitution is criminal & btw I'm 'canadian' not 'canadien' as I am not french (some grammar for you).you sound real self righteous & it's too bad we can't all be proper upstanding citizens as yourself.geek.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

 @Double-O-Joe Humor aside?


Perish the thought. I couldn't make it through a day reading the news if I was unable to poke fun at it.


Anyway, for the sake of this argument I'll stipulate that the name factor could be a credible reason for JWP to chafe at the term "John", but the word *Sponsor* ?




Why not just go whole hog with "Benefactor"?



Oh, I agree with that mindset completely. 


He couldn't use "Benefactor".  Mark Cuban has that one locked up.

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