"Giddy Up Lanes," "Wormhole Express," and Other Potential Names for LBJ's New Lanes

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When local transportation planners announced that they would ask the Internet for suggestions on what to call the new managed lanes on LBJ Express, it seemed like a bad idea.

But Andy Rittler, corporate affairs director for the project, tells us we were wrong. Over the course of the six-week contest, which ended yesterday, there were more than 3,200 suggestions, only a small fraction of which were profane, vulgar, attacked elected officials, or were otherwise offensive.

Naturally, we wanted those suggestions, but Rittler balked, noting that offensive entries will be immediately weeded out. Instead, he offered some of his personal favorites. They are, in alphabetical order:

635 FAS TRAK; Alley Oop; A$AP LANE$; Big Tex Express; Blue Bonnet Expressway; Boot Scooter; Cash & Dash Lanes; CHOICE PLUS EXPRESS; Cowboy Express; Dallas Happy Tails Toll; Davy Crockett Rocket Lanes; Flexpress; Giddy Up Lanes; Lady Bird Lanes; Lone Star Express; TEXpress; Wheeee!!!; Wormhole Express Lanes.

Some of the suggestions, such as Lady Bird Lanes, surfaced several times, presumably because of their position underneath LBJ. (Yes, we went there).

From here, officials with the North Tarrant/LBJ Express projects will whittle the 3,200 names down to a top 20, which will be considered by an official Name the Lanes selection committee.

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ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

We could really, really mess this thing up.  One of the promises is that there will be at least a 50 MPH speed on the toll lanes IIRC ....


all we need to do is to never drive above 45 MPH on the tolled lanes and the tolls will be as low as possible ...


What do you think ... ?


Because of the proximity to TI, I suggested Jack Kilby Expressway (if you don't know who Jack Kilby was, look him up on ANY computerized device - which, by the way, is what Jack Kilby did for you). 

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Giddy' Up lanes?


How about "Pony Up Express".


Jeez, thanks. The rest of my morning is tainted by the image of Lyndon B. Johnson having sex. Just close your eyes and think of the Great Society, Lady Bird. 


I think I'd take the free lanes.


 @Montemalone Uh, and an extra measure of gratitude goes out to Montemalone. Thanks, guys, you're the best. Who the hell needs sugar plum fairies anyway?

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