Donald Trump and Mark Cuban Are Fighting On Twitter Right Now

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Today, from the annals of meaningless, social-media ephemera, we'd like to direct you to the bitchy little TwitterFight between Mark Cuban and Donald Trump. It is, we assure you, the kind of TwitterFight that can only exist between insanely wealthy, Type-A megalomaniacs. No matter how far removed some of these rich guys get from primary school, they never truly leave the playground.

If you'll recall, Cuban offered Trump $1 million to shave the complex, architectural marvel of engineering that is his iconic coif. Guess that didn't sit well. Best we can tell, this dust-up began when Cuban challenged trump to put up $1 million for Superstorm Sandy relief instead:

Nobody, but nobody, pushes The Donald around, and so Trump responded by delivering some low blows:

He is, of course, referring to the suit filed by Ross Perot Jr., a minority partner in the Mavs club and Cuban's MLB team ownership aspirations. It gets ridiculous from here.

In Trump's responses, he may as well have produced his penis for the measuring:

That, we guess, is the moral of this story: Vote, y'all.

Update: Apparently, they'll both be on The Ticket Tuesday morning.

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ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Yawn ...


The AArena is definitely too small for Mark's ego and Trump Tower is not a large enough symbolic male appendage to suit the Donald ...

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

As soon as they work a Kardashian into the story we'll have real news

Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson

Cuban playing D for Obama; good comrade, good


One-percenter fun and games, but let's hope the money is donated to charities regardless of who does what, otherwise it's cheap and exploitative and tasteless.

Trina Taki Hendrix-Hamilton
Trina Taki Hendrix-Hamilton

Their net worths are pretty much the same...Trump worth very slightly more than Cuban. So of course Trump should have just upped the ante and asked Mark to do something for 2 mil...and so on and so on!

CJ Dylan
CJ Dylan

Everything about The Donald screams DOUCHE BAG. Mark's cool though. Was humorous seeing Donald trashing Shark Tank, etc.

Ilona Scheel
Ilona Scheel

They have been making jabs at each other for some time. There is a great series on the The History Channel called "The Men Who Built America", and both Trump and Cuban are on it. Alas, I would never compare Trump or Cuban to Carnegie, Mellon, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, or JP Morgan.

Rex Curry
Rex Curry

no better place for two mental children to squabble than on something called Twitter.

Paul Grubbs
Paul Grubbs

Not interested unless there's gonna be a death match. Either way I'm a winner!

Montemalone topcommenter

Why don't both of these douchebags go hang out on a yacht off the coast of New Jersey and have this hot air debate while a cold, hard wind blows.

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