Angela Hunt Would Like to Qualify Her Enthusiastic Support For DNA Testing Dog Poop

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Okay, my dog still needs to do this.
Last week a representative of Poo Prints, a company that performs DNA tests on dog shit in order to track down the irresponsible owner who didn't pick it up, tried to convince the City Council to adopt such a program citywide. It would be a way to reduce the ungodly amount of animal waste washed into our water supply.

The proposal elicited some chuckles, but not from Councilwoman Angela Hunt.

"I think that's a great idea," she said, according to an NBC 5 report. "I think we do need enforcement, especially in some of our denser areas where you have a lot of folks living with dogs. ... If they're not picking up, it creates a problem."

Real estate blogger Candy Evans was alarmed, so much so that she flirted with the idea of fleeing to the country.

She needn't fear. Hunt took the time out of her busy schedule to write Evans a note.

"Let me clarify my quote that made it sound like I enthusiastically support a taxpayer-funded CSI lab devoted to analyzing canine excrement," she writes.

"Would something like this be a useful tool for enforcement? Absolutely. Is it practical in Dallas? Not at all."

She goes on to list the logistical hurdles such a plan would face: the impossibility of registering the DNA of every dog in Dallas, a lack of code enforcement officers, and ridiculously overinflated revenue projections (the Poo Prints guy told the City Council it could make $40 to $100 million). In short, it would be "a 'waste' of time. Heh," Hunt writes."

And so, with a terrible pun, Hunt puts to rest Evans' fears. Dogs can continue to poop in peace, without fear that a forensics team will come busting through the door.

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I especially love when I walk through an apartment hallway and find that some asshole just left a pile of his dog's shit on the floor.  Seems to happen often in the apartments around SMU, though that might just be a coincidence.


The ordinance still requires some fine tuning. For example, we'll need to get a reference stool sample from Angela to make sure no innocent dogs will be falsely charged.


So a bunch of yuppies don't pick up after their dogs and it's a problem. Strays and irresponsible pet owners who don't spay and neuter are an infinitely bigger problem. Those strays shit wherever they want too, so you get to tackle more than one problem at once. Let's accomplish, or at least ameliorate, one animal-related problem before we think about another.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

This age-old problem will never go away unless thoughtless, non law-complying dog owners pay a price for filthying up public areas with excrement.  Yes, go ahead and do the DNA testing.  BTW, I love dogs.


 @anon So because it's not THE biggest problem in the city, it should just be ignored?  You might want to do a little research before showing your ignorance.


 @anon Yeah but white liberals will never condemn anything the irresponsible hordes of diversity do.

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