Dez Bryant Gave an Awkward News Conference After His Domestic Violence Charges Got Dropped

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Remember those allegations that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant beat the shit out of his mom in June? That now officially never happened. The DA's office, after going to the trouble of filing a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, decided to dismiss them so long as he completes a counseling program and stays out of trouble for a year. Royce West has a knack for making these things disappear.

Now, it's time to turn our attention to more important things, like football. On Sunday, for the first time this season, Bryant will take the field without the allegation hanging over him that he beat his mother. Speaking with reporters today, a sheepish Bryant answered questions about the dismissal.

"I'm extremely excited that we came to an agreement," he said. "What's going on now is, I'm extremely excited that we came to an agreement and, you know I'm just going to do what I need to do to continue to be a great teammate, a great person, and a great player as well."

Really, though, Bryant answered only one question: "Are you ready to stay focused on football?"

The answer, which he repeated six or so times in the span of the four-minute clip (which you can watch in full here), is yes. A little extra focus, and that finger might stay in bounds next time.

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another great black role model for our children.  Our own Senator fighting to keep him out of jail for hitting his mother.  What a low life.  Both of them.  


So has anyone ever heard of  this kind of deal being done for someone else ?


Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I don't understand why the fans don't boo this mother-beater off the field.


I had recently remarked to a colleague that I was surprised Craig Watkins was continuing to prosecute, given the fact that Royce West was representing Dez.


Looks like the appropriate "understanding" between West and Watkins was finally reached.


He has to stay out of trouble for a year...

Lets start taking bets now. The over/under is the night of the Superbowl. The Boys won't be going so he will have time on his hands. Does he get popped for something before or after?


@oakclifftownie Yes, Alternative Dispute Resolution in used routinely, in order to reach "business" solutions rather than on setting specific legal issues. Often litigation in court is attached to all kinds of corporate deals without both parties consent. The courts these days have nothing to do with true law/justice. The courts are only a private business illicitly using public court facilities to carry on their business with the private sub-contractors for the government, which includes your attorney. These rougue courts have to be done away with so that true litigation/justice can occur.

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