Your First Look At the New, Improved L.B. Houston Luna Vista Golf Course

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City of Dallas
In March, the city of Dallas began $4.8 million in renovations to the L.B. Houston Golf Course, the 18-holer in the northwestern-most corner of the city. That required closing the course to the public and changing its name to Luna Vista, since Dallas is a world-class city, after all, and who the hell was L.B. Houston anyway?

The redo included a new clubhouse and practice facilities, reworked fairways and greens, 300 additional trees, 18 bunkers and other work that means "everyone who sees it for the first time cannot believe it is the same course," according to golf pro Mickey Piersall.

The course will be inaugurated this weekend with a Friday ribbon cutting and a tournament beginning Saturday. It opens to the public on Monday. For now, the city's passed along a handful of photos, which you'll find after the jump.




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To be fully representative of what the new place will look like, these pics need to feature natural gas drilling rigs, fracking fluid spills, and lots and lots of 18 wheelers. LB Houston, er Luna Vista is part of the the "parkland" your Dallas Parks and Rec board prez and Sheffie Kadane wants to lease to the gas companies. I wonder if anyone will be rude enough to mention this at the ribbon-cutting?

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

How long until the city stops watering and all that grass turns brown?

Montemalone topcommenter

 @ScottsMerkin I thought the golfers watered it, all that beer gotta go somewhere, right?

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