Woman Didn't Feed Dogs for Two Weeks But "Every Now And Then I Let Them Have Some of My Sandwich"

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The house at 4823 Dolphin Road is a ramshackle affair in South Dallas all but engulfed by surrounding brush. For weeks, it had been the subject of near-constant complaints. Drugs were being sold there, neighbors said, and the loud music was rattling their nerves. So too was the resident who would sneak onto their property to steal water.

Three Dallas police officers showed up at the house on Thursday afternoon and were invited inside by a woman who said she lived there. They searched the property, finding no signs of drugs.

What they found instead were two dogs in the backyard with no sign of food or water. Both were visibly malnourished with bones nearly protruding from their skin, according to a description in the police report.

An officer told the woman that the dogs were in terrible shape and badly needed medical attention. The woman responded that she had not fed them in nearly two weeks, "but every now and then I let them have some of my sandwich."

That was apparently not enough for sustenance, however, since it was clear to police that the dogs were dangerously thin. They took photographs of the dogs and called animal control, who indicated they would pick them up today.

The police incident report classifies the case as animal cruelty, but a police spokesman did not have the woman's name or whether she had been charged with a crime.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I should send Big Kitty over there to sit on her.  That'll fix her.


Eric, thanks for bringing this situation to light.  It's unbelievable!  And it's unconscionable that these starving dogs  were left on the property.  They should have been removed immediately for their own safety and also because they are evidence in a criminal investigation.  Please continue to follow this story and keep us posted.


And they don't even check to see if the fukin dogs were picked up ?

What a bunch of cunts.........& that include the bitch in the house


Sure hope they follow through and charge her with animal cruelty.

Montemalone topcommenter

Tie the bitch to a tree and toss her some scraps if you think about it.


@Dallas_Observer they should feed her dog chow every 'now and then'....disgusting.

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