Wayne White Called John Wiley Price a "Chicago Politician in Texas," Which is Looking Truer by the Filing

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OK. Now I get why the FBI is taking so long with the investigation of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price. They actually have to figure out all the stuff I can just paint as colorful drama. And they're doing it.

I haven't been keeping up with my John Wiley Price homework, or I would have mentioned this earlier. Looks like the FBI has had its fine-tooth comb out going all over a story I told you about more than a year ago.

It involves the embattled commissioner and a fellow named Wayne White. He's the one who said to me of Price, "This guy's a scumbag with all kinds of pressure he can put on you."

I had tracked down White because of a story of which I had heard bits and pieces for years, concerning strange property dealings between White, Price and entire cast of colorful courthouse characters. I wanted to know how White, an antiques dealer, got himself into the middle of it.

"It will all come out what kind of person he is," White told me. "He's just a con man. The only thing I want to say for him, you can print it, he's a Chicago politician in Texas."

I was aware that the FBI paid a visit to White at some point after my piece came out. But then I sort of forgot about it. Hey. I'm busy, OK? What do I look like, the John Wiley Price Information Bank?

At the end of last week, Price's lawyers filed his response to what I thought was a Justice Department document with a 12-page laundry list of specific allegations against Price. Turns out it was a 62-page laundry list.

I didn't look at Price's response until today. But when I did, I realized it was responding to a much longer amended version of the original federal document filed in a civil foreclosure case the feds filed against Price last May. I had only read the short version.

Aha! There in the much longer version were all kinds of excruciating detail about White's real estate transactions with Price. It's a bit much to get into here, but, among other things, it explains how it is that White sold a piece of property to Price on September 3, 2002, and then Price's administrative assistant, Dapheny Fain, sold him the same piece of property the same day.

Only White had never sold it to Fain, so ... oh, forget it. You get the picture. Something just ain't right.

The much longer amended federal affidavit gives a good picture of what the FBI has been up to and what the Justice Department will bring to court with when this case goes. You can have eight guys weaving a big hairball around you and maybe you think you're invisible. Then one day 125 feds show up with fine-tooth combs.

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JWP definitely runs a political machine. But it's worth keeping in mind that political machines don't come out of nowhere -- they tend to arise in minority and immigrant neighborhoods because those communities were otherwise excluded from city politics. In Dallas, the folks who run the show are the big 'bidnessmen who could care less about what happens in South Dallas. Hence on the other side you get "Our Man Downtown." 


At least JWP has an interest there and gets *some* things done, corrupt as he is. He's more responsive to the interests of Black Dallas than North Dallas is, provided he gets some butter out of the deal.


any chance you can post or link to the much longer amended federal affidavit?

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I think the lesson here for JWP is, no amount of money can buy him the type camouflage he needs to get away with this kind of shit.


You ain't in the club, John. And you never will be.

scottindallas topcommenter

JWP, uniting White liberals and conservatives all across Dallas.  He should get the Nobel Peace Prize.  We shouldn't indict JWP, we should make him President.  Then we have greater unity, as a nation than we've enjoyed since Ike.


Hmmmm, this is the land deal out there on Grady Niblo back in 2009-2010. That land would be in the City of Dallas, District 3. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder who could have shepherded this through the SUP approval process at City Hall.....Hmmmmmmm


So who rolled the dime that got this one started ?

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

 @DMZ3 The sad thing is that while JWP appears to have "gotten some things done", he appears to have lined his pockets more than he has helped his constituents.


@DMZ3 I always got a laugh out of that "Our Man Downtown.". He was definitely somebody's man downtown, but that somebody was not one of the voters that kept sending him back.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

 @DMZ3 Uh huh.


Hey, they were thirsty and starving, but at least he gave them some salted peanuts, right?

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter


Hmmm ... could it be the stink surrounding the Inland Port?


How about JWP's relationship to that "go to guy" involved with minority contracting for the City of Dallas and Dallas County?


Could it be all of those affidavits of title issued by The County Tax Assessor for all of the cars that JWP has bought and sold, especially the Bentley that he picked up for next to nothing?


Then there is the ~$400k of "miscellaneous expenses" for KwaanzaaFest ...


Or the Deputy Sheriffs and Deputy Constables who were told ... errrr asked ... to work security for KwaanzaFest and somehow their paychecks never seemed to show up?


Then there is the bankruptcy filing where it appears that a few things were left off of his list of assets ....


Some folks would think that the "consulting fees" paid to Daphney Fein and Kathy Neely might have something to do with it ...


Or why is it that Daphney Fein held two full time jobs simultaneously, one as JWP's executive assistant paid for by the County and then as his personal assistant paid for by JWP ....


I could probably go on for quite a bit more, but this is supposed to be a comment and not a story in its own right ...


Besides, I am running out of electrons ...


BTW, the above is my opinion based upon what I remember reading in Unfair Park, correct me if I am mistaken ...



Well if you are going to line things up like that ? Its plain to see.

Okay just kidding . A bit .

Residing in Dallas it is easy to forget  have been and are a part of the the ongoing saga and are living the events  that are the life and time lines  of JWP..







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