U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Says Lance Armstrong At Center of Largest-Ever Doping Conspiracy, Will Release Evidence Today

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The claim that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs has been endlessly recited in media exposes and confessional tell-alls from former teammates. The evidence, however, has never been put forth in any sort of formal way, as was going to happen publicly before the seven-time Tour de France winner announced he had stopped fighting the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's allegations.

The agency is pressing forward and, according to a statement issued today by CEO Travis Tygart, will release more than 1,000 pages of documents he says prove not only that Armstrong took PEDs, but that his Postal Service team "ran the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen."

Not just cycling history. It's the history of all sports he's talking about.

"The USPS Team doping conspiracy was professionally designed to groom and pressure athletes to use dangerous drugs, to evade detection, to ensure its secrecy and ultimately gain an unfair competitive advantage through superior doping practices," Tygart says in the statement. "A program organized by individuals who thought they were above the rules and who still play a major and active role in sport today."

Armstrong still says he never doped, but his denials have become increasingly hard to believe given the mounting evidence against him. The USADA says the files it will release include emails, financial payments, lab test results, and testimony from 26 people, including 11 former teammates like Floyd Landis, George Hincapie, and Tyler Hamilton.

According to the New York Times, Armstrong declined to comment.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Armstrong is a liar.  But, then, he is a corporation, after all.  And, his foundation has helped so many people.  

RTGolden1 topcommenter

The judge who dismissed Armstrong's counter-suit against USADA and Tygart made an interesting observation.  In his dismissal his noted that it is mystifying why USADA and US Cycling would want to tear down their own sport just to get to Armstrong.  He questioned whether this really had anything to do with "combatting doping in amateur sports" or if there was some other agenda at work.


pretty much every other cyclist that has finished in the top 7 in all the years that Armstrong raced have admitted to doping. I doubt that he was the only one that wasn't doing it. The sport is so corrupt and only recently have the cyclists started to admit it. Landis admitted it then they all started to admit it. It's pervasive, no way around it. Armstrong is so deep into denial that he can't reverse, but he did it, everyone who's in the sport knows it, he had to to stay competitive.Just ask Sheryl Crow.



Man, Merk is gonna freak. His idol......down the tube.....

scottindallas topcommenter

there were these pressures in amateur rugby.  The higher the profile sport, the greater the pressure to use these drugs.


an organized program 'that still play a major and active role in sport today'

maybe a competent agency would have discovered this program earlier and worked to shut it down. much easier to generate publicity and funding by tearing down an icon.


I don't care about Armstrong one way or the other, but dude passed beau coup drug tests over the years. That carries more weight than testimony.


Compare that to Serena Williams who has managed to avoid similar tests for years and is still competing.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

 @GuitarPlayer nah not freaking out.  Dude still does good shit for humankind.   Just gonna smash you with a guitar.  and What RTgolden1 said, I 2nd


 @ChrisYu you got the quote wrong.  check it again sparky, he's talking about individuals, not an agency.  individuals now spread across different teams so that it becomes more difficult to prosecute.


 @ScottsMerkin "Just gonna smash you with a guitar." ---- In your dreams MF. You would leave calling 911 or your momma.



 right. so target the individual that will generate more publicity and funding.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

 @GuitarPlayer at the risk of you telling me i always have ti have the last word, here we go....thanks, now lets just get along

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

 @GuitarPlayer apparently you have no sense of humor,  so in that case go fuck yourself.  

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