The Presidential Debate-Watching Party at Texas Theatre Was Nuts

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These days, it seems like debate watching isn't such a social thing. We sit in living rooms with our family and friends, perhaps, or watch it alone and cast our thoughts out onto Facebook threads and Twitter feeds. So, what would it be like to watch it in a darkened movie theater with a bunch of complete strangers?

Tuesday night, I set out for the debate-watching party at The Texas Theatre, hosted by the Stonewall Democrats, a group of "politically active" LGBT advocates. What followed was by turns hilarious, obnoxious, raucous and, at all times, deeply entertaining.

The debate was lively, was it not? President Barack Obama and GOP challenger/former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney traded some substantive shots on foreign policy. When Obama spoke, cheering and applause invariably followed. There was no greater crowd reaction than to his "horses and bayonets" zinger. When Romney spoke, he got jeers and repeated requests to "shut the fuck up." A man a few rows behind me, who sounded drunk, carried on his own belligerent, running dialogue with Romney, challenging point after mendacious point, as Romney struggled to create daylight between his and Obama's Iran policy.

For my money, the best moment of the night came when moderator Bob Schieffer asked Obama how he would respond to one of Romney's assertions. I don't even remember the question, because someone in the audience shouted reflexively, "Punch him!"

How we laughed.

I wondered what sort of chaos would transpire if this crowd was mingled with a debate-watching party at, say, Highland Park Village? Fisticuffs and flying beer/merlot would almost certainly roil the theater, which is as it should be. This was naked politics in the town square; bloodsport in the Roman Colosseum, writ contemporary. This is the American discourse, folks. Thus has it always been, and thus shall it ever be. And as I stumbled across debate watchers, sloshing my beer in the darkened aisle, I loved every goddamn minute of it.

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My, once again it is nice to see how ''See how "tolerant", inclusive" and "open minded" some of the left are. Some on the right are the same way, but the majority of people do no have the visceral reactions you saw at that theater. At least that is my experience, and I am a Gay Conservative.


If Mr. Romney wins, then kudos to the man and let's move on with support and solidarity for his efforts. True liberals will support and work with Romney to help our country because we love our land more than our ideology.


Now if President Obama is re-elected, then you white people are really going to be miserable, based on the childish and pathetic bigotry of your comments and the level of acrimony and spite you have shown our President over the past four years. From the level of hatred you have shown our President, one would have thought Obama started an unwinnable, immoral TRILLION dollar war, not his dumbass predecessor.


But until that time, you white people just stay hunkered down in your Faux News bunkers, wear your silly, infantile TeaBagger costumes, yell 'socialist' at every opportunity, hug your cowering white companions and pray to your 'white baby Jesus' in hopes of destroying Obama, the First Black President Of The United I love typing that.


"When Obama spoke, cheering and applause invariably followed. There was no greater crowd reaction than to his "horses and bayonets" zinger." So, it was just like the media room at the debate?

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

What a fillip it would have been if the debate was staged at the The Texas Theatre!

scottindallas topcommenter

Obama has only accelerated Bush's foreign policy.  It's a total pity that so many Dems has silenced their criticism. I'm proud to say I got all the fact checks right, (when Romney nailed Obama for supporting the SOFA with Iraq) 


Just before the debate a more conservative friend of mine and I were discussing the election.  Neither of us was sure who we would prefer to win.  I really think it might as well be Romney, so the liberals will oppose our shameful and myopic foreign and economic policies.  He wanted Obama for similar reasons.  The sophistry and duplicity of political partisans is nauseating and hard to take.

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Did DO send someone to watch the Romneyites or did you just decide to go watch the Obamanians?


@ChurnAndBurn - Shorter version: If Romney wins, liberals will be their usual good and graceful selves. If Obama wins, conservatives will be, as usual, horrible racist assholes.


 @scottindallas Now that Romney has moved back toward the middle, it's difficult to tell them apart, outside of their ideas for healthcare, the deficit and tax reform.

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