The Body of Coppell Star Jacob Logan Was Found in Possum Kingdom Lake Last Night

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Late last night, divers searching Possum Kingdom Lake found the body of missing teenager Jacob Logan, who disappeared Sunday after diving into the lake with friends, the AP reported. His was the second death this week at Coppell, where senior Jonah Blackwell committed suicide on Tuesday.

Logan, a senior, played wide receiver, returned kicks and, according to the tribute video above, did more or less everything else for No. 4 Coppell High, including making some delightfully silly faces.

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@Dallas_Observer To the Logans, your work family loves you and send you never ending hugs.


My heart goes out to the parents of both of those kids. Unbelievable tragedies, we take for granted the time we get to spend with our kids before they go away to college or just get out into the world. I don't think anything good really comes out of horrible things like these other than reminding us how lucky we are as parents that are kids are still around and how fragile life is. RIP Jacob & Jonah.

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