Delonte West is Begging for a Job on Twitter

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Dallas is a sadder place now that Delonte West is no longer a Maverick. The man played solid D, could score some points off the bench, and was a generally entertaining presence.

Sadder still is the state of West's job search. He took to Twitter today to beg a team -- any team -- to take him.

That last one could use some explanation. Did the Mavs stiff Delonte? Did they accuse him of theft? We don't know. He continues:

Somebody please give this man a job.

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Can he catch a football?  There's another local team that could use some help.


Really feel for this guy, hope a team picks him up somewhere tranquil.  Portland?

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I bet the check thing stems from his 1st suspension and he may not have realized they were docking him pay so when he got the check he went ape shit on them and thats what led to the 2nd and final suspension.


Would Wilonsky have gone to the reposting Twitter well twice in a week about him? That's some lazy-ass "journalism." At least pay Delonte the freelancer rate for doing the work for you.

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