Meet Andres Alvarado and Michael Pringle, Quite Possibly the Worst Bank Robbers Ever

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Michael Pringle, the alleged mastermind.
On September 12, two men entered a Chase Bank on Jupiter Road in Richardson a few minutes apart. The first was tall, about 6-foot-4, and wearing a black doo-rag, later identified as Michael Pringle. He asked for a deposit slip from the teller and then left, pausing on his way out grab a handful of candy from a bowl on the concierge desk.

Police say the second man was Andres Alvarado, a foot shorter than the first and clad in a Dallas Mavericks baseball cap and dark sunglasses. He walked in five minutes later, glancing nervously around the lobby before approaching the teller window. Wordlessly, he slid a deposit slip through the slit in the bullet-resistant glass.

It was the same dog-eared piece of paper the teller had just given to Pringle, with one important difference. "It will be in your best interest to comply -- this is a 'robbery,'" it now read in blue ink. "Will use force if necessary."

Alvarado's hands and jaw were shaking as the teller nodded to show that he understood and reached down, ostensibly to unlock the cash drawer, but actually to activate an alarm. "Move it along," Alvarado demanded as the teller typed something on his computer. The teller complied. He asked how Alvarado wanted his money. Large bills? Did he want the ones, too? What about pennies?

Alvarado, having not prepared for such a turn of events, was flummoxed. He shrugged his shoulders and walked sheepishly out of the bank.

When he was gone, the teller told the branch's assistant manager about the robbery and, following protocol, she went to lock the front doors. There, to the right of the doorway, she saw the man in the doo-rag talking with Alvarado, who shrugged and took off his hat and sunglasses.

The men were picked up a short time later, at which time Alvarado promptly confessed. According to an affidavit filed Tuesday in federal court, he told police that Pringle was his roommate but was threatening to kick him out of their apartment if Alvarado didn't get money to pay his share of expenses. It was Pringle's idea to rob the bank, and he was the one who hatched their oh-so-brilliant plot. Alvarado said he didn't want to rob the bank but also did not want to be homeless, so he complied.

Pringle, on parole for residential burglary, told police a slightly different story. He admitted to entering the bank, getting the slip and giving it to Alvarado, but he thought Alvarado was going to make a withdrawal from a legitimate account. He was shocked that Alvarado had attempted to rob the place.

Police weren't buying the story, nor did the U.S. Attorney's office. Both men were indicted Tuesday for attempted bank robbery, and both are in prison pending trial. Alvarado at least doesn't have to worry about being homeless anytime soon.

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I bet they are Obama supporters who thought the bank was a Government Redistribution Center.


they got free candy so maybe not so dumb after all.


@VirgilStarkwell no. That is clearly an "n".


@rubbercow they prefer the term "African-American" actually

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