Legendary Dallas Sportswriter Frank Luksa Dies At 77

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Frank Luksa
Frank Luksa was there in 1960 for the Dallas Cowboys' inaugural season. He was there for every significant sports event over the next five decades, for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Times Herald, the Morning News, then, finally, as an occasional contributor to ESPN.com.

He had more or less retired by the time I was old enough to appreciate a sports column, but still, his name and photo were an institution and the insight he offered, drawn from his decades of experience, was a wonderful antidote to overheated sports chatter.

Various outlets are reporting that Luksa died this morning at a Plano rehab center where he was recovering from a triple bypass. His memorial service is 2 p.m. Friday at First United Methodist Church Downtown. Luksa hasn't written much of late, but the man will be missed.

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We lost a link to the Dallas Cowboys from the Cotton Bowl days and $1 end zone seats.  Frank Luksa, Sam Blair, Steve Perkins, and of course Blackie Sherrod rode the Cowboys rough shod.  I was so lucky to see the Cowboys in those days and couldn't wait for the Monday sports page. 


Super nice guy.  Friends with my parents and we drove him home from the airport after Super Bowl XIX because we were both on the same flight and he didn't have a ride at the airport because he got on an early flight.  The stories he told in that 45 minute ride were priceless.


"He had more or less retired by the time by the time.."


Frank was from the time when writers knew how to write and editors proofread columns.


One of the best.   I remember years ago someone calling him out for not ripping on underperforming athletes.  His response was that he always tried to keep in mind that "no athlete tries to fail."

ChrisYu topcommenter

best Dallas Cowboys writer ever

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