Firefighters Pull Naked Homeless Man From Turtle Creek

Eric Nicholson
Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans briefs TV cameras near the spot where a naked homeless man was pulled from Turtle Creek this morning.
If you happened to pass near the intersection of Turtle Creek and Cedar Springs this morning, you may have wondered why there were a gajillion fire trucks idling around. The answer, to sum it up in three words, is: naked homeless guy.

Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said a passerby spotted the man in the creek this morning and called 911. The stretch of water where the man was found is steeply banked and a couple of dozen feet below the road, so the search and rescue unit had to be dispatched to hoist him from the water.

The man sustained a minor head laceration but was conscious. He was clothed and taken away in an ambulance. Evans described him as "very pale."

As for what he was doing in the creek, that remains a mystery.

"We don't know if he was taking a bath or if he was assaulted or what," Evans said.

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