Drunk Guy Leaves Behind Truck, 709 Bootleg DVDs After Running Over Fire Hydrant

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Last night just before midnight, a security guard watched as a red, 1994 Chevy S10 pickup exited the gated Treymore Eastfield Apartments in Far East Dallas. The driver promptly crashed into into a nearby Ford F150, stepped on the gas to flee the accident, lost control of the truck, jumped a curb in front of the building, and knocked over a fire hydrant, sending water gushing into the air. His truck stuck on the broken hydrant and unable to be driven away, the driver jumped out and ran away.

He appeared to be drunk, the security guard noted.

Dallas Water Utilities arrived and shut off the water, and Dallas police managed to remove the truck from the hydrant and tow it away.

But that was only after officers had searched the truck. What they found was two boxes containing 709 bootlegged movies, each neatly inventoried in a pair of three-ring binders. DPD spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey did not have access to the inventory of pirated movies, which were taken to the Baylor Street property room, where their rightful owner can peruse the list to make sure they're all accounted for.

They're probably more valuable than the truck, anyway.

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Imagine that, a shit fer brains scum bag  criminal running from the scene, I'm FU**ING shocked!

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