Dallas County Has to Repay $214,000 Because its Deputies Lied About Working Overtime

Last September, the Dallas County Sheriff's Office began investigating what appeared to be discrepancies in traffic tickets tickets written by its deputies. Specifically, it looked at whether they had falsified information on traffic tickets written during officers' normal shifts to make it appear that they were written while they were working overtime.

After an 11-month review, investigators determined that's exactly what was happening in seven of the 20 cases. They forwarded those along to District Attorney Craig Watkins' office, which filed criminal charges against three three former deputies. Prosecutors are still reviewing whether to do the same for a fourth, and declined to pursue the case against three others.

But Dallas County wasn't the only agency conducting an investigation. The Texas Department of Transportation, which awarded the grants that made the deputies' overtime pay possible, just completed an audit of those funds, and determined that a sizable chunk of the money had been misused.

The grant money was administered through TxDOT's STEP program, which aims to improve traffic safety by having more officers on duty to catch offenses like drunk driving, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt. Between 2009 and 2011 Dallas County received $886,860 in STEP funds -- money the Sheriff's Department notes in a press release that it was extremely grateful to receive. TxDOT determined that roughly a quarter of that amount, $214,031, was improperly spent and will have to be repaid.

TxDOT has not yet publicly released the audit, but Dallas County Commissioners will vote Tuesday on whether to repay TxDOT. The Sheriff's Department says it has implemented procedures to improve oversight over STEP grants, including a mandatory four-hour training class that teaches officers how the program works.

Sheriff's deputies Johnny Quarles, Jr., Derce Kirby, and Sherman McIntyre were each indicted in February on multiple counts of tampering with a government document with intent to defraud. All of their cases were ongoing.

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Dallas County cops and dallas Cops are a bunch of useless, piles iof criminal SHIT!


Cops breaking the law???  Say it ain't so.


But here ya go:  next time you have to appear before a judge, just offer to take a couple days paid leave as punishment...  imagine the horror in that court that someone would dare to burst their double standard bubble.


Criminals with badges.


A quick Google search reveals the amazing Divershitty of deputies Johnny Quarles, Jr., Derce Kirby, and Sherman McIntyre. Who is surprised? Not me, but I'm not a naive white-guilt libtard "progressive advocacy journalist".

Montemalone topcommenter

and the 4 hour class will be.........overtime

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

So if Dallas County deputies were willing to lie and commit fraud for OT pay, how do we know they were not also lying when writing tickets and artificially marking up speeding tickets a few MPH.  I want my speeding fine back.   I got a ticket I was going 70 I know for sure, but he wrote it for 75 and told me don't argue or raise my voice bc it could get ugly for me.  

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

I'm shocked! ... I'm shocked to find out that there is mismanagement, waste; and unaccounted funds in Dallas County government ... absolutely shocked!



 The Dallas S.O. questions the integrity of the work product (citations) issued by the Officers but will not go so far as to dismiss and reimburse the people that were ticketed by these former Officers because it would call into question all of the officer's work product namely the Officers arrests. The reality of the situation would demand that the DA's office issue Brady notices to all the defendants that were arrested or had contact with the suspect Officers. But will they do this? No. Smart defense attorneys will attack the Dallas SO for this double standard. Oh and by the way, the entire STEP and Click or Ticket programs envoke a quota and that is ILLEGAL (see Transportation Code sec. 720.002).

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