While You Waited for Tanks to Flatten Lubbock, the UN Conquered Texas Through Sustainable Development

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We all got a good chuckle when Lubbock County Judge Tom Head warned of that impending United Nations invasion of West Texas, but the laughter may have been premature. InfoWars, the website run by Austin Austin radio host/all-around crazy Alex Jones, published a low-budget, Onion-quality newscast that provides incontrovertible proof that the UN is already here.

Female anchor: Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy theory. And while it may seem harmless or even helpful on the surface, it is a UN-inspired banker-funded scheme to institute global government from the ground up. Right here, right now, our country is being taken over in the name of sustainable development.

Male anchor: Local environmental groups are meeting in towns across America backed by big federal grant money, but behind that are entities like the Rockefeller Foundation. Their sustainable community meetings are not only a takeover but a buy-in to a planned society controlled by a psychopathic elite all sold with a smile.

Cue the horror movie music and cut to an effeminate urban-type discussing high-density development, followed by more ominous music and a sinister voice-over asking just what, exactly, sustainable development is and why the government seems to be promoting it.

It certainly can't be because, in a world in which energy resources are becoming increasingly scarce and climate change increasingly irrefutable, the government is making a rational policy choice to shift from subsidizing sprawl to encouraging more ecologically friendly development. Nope. Must be a UN conpsir...er...UN-inspired banker-funded scheme to institute global government from the ground up.

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RTGolden1 topcommenter

Continuing the newly instituted Eric Nicholson policy of regurgitating utterly useless 'news' from utterly useless sources.


 @GuitarPlayer The problem with Alex Jones is that there are people who listen to him, and spread this shit to their equally stupid friends, who spread it to their stupid friends....it's a whole circle of stupid.

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