Dallas Trial Lawyer Tom Corea Charged With Screwing Clients Out of $400,000

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You may know Tom Corea from the twice-weekly, half-hour infomercials he ran on daytime TV called Ask a Lawyer with Tom Corea. Or you may know him as that attorney who sued KTVT and Channel 21 for $1.4 million over said show, claiming the stations didn't forward calls to his office like they said they would. You probably don't know him as the guy caught going 115 down I-20 two years ago in a year-old Mercedes, but that happened too.

Corea now has a new claim to fame: the guy who allegedly ripped off clients for more than $400,000. According to four felony indictments filed against Corea last month in Dallas County, the man who boasts of his "zealous advocacy and personal connection with his clients," was, in fact, quietly screwing them over. One of the charges alleges that he schemed to steal more than $200,000 from a half dozen individuals. In another case, he repeatedly lied to business clients to have them transfer more than $200,000.

To top it all off, Corea allegedly stole the identity of another Dallas attorney and used it on: an American Express Gold Card application; an American Express Plum Car application; an American Express Platinum Card application; tax documents; and a couple of settlement agreements.

The web site for Corea's practice is down, but his phone still works. A message has been left for his paralegal.

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Corea's Whistlestop horse ranch site is still up. He got into the horse business a few years ago and spent a lot of money on fancy horses and trainers.


What a piece of shit. Way to prove the stereotype, asshat.


Successful suicide rate for Texas lawyers is over six times that of civilians.


Always a Q of which came first,  suicidal/predisposition to criminality tendencies or a law license.



ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Clearly a situation where castration without using anesthesia while using a dull butter knife could not possibly be considered as cruel and unusual punishment.


Then this guy would be constantly reminded that he does not have a "big pair".


Unfortunately, this guy gives the members of the legal profession a good name ...

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