Yes, There Was a Dancing Kidney Bean in Front of City Hall Today

Shawn P. Williams

Sure, you could build elaborate shade structures and host impromptu lunch parties to enliven the City Hall plaza, or you could just invite a giant, dancing kidney bean. Shawn Williams, Mayor Mike Rawlings' social media guru, was kind enough to pass along a couple of pics of said kidney bean, ahem Billy the Kidney. There were no action shots -- for that you should check out Morning News photog G.J. McCarthy's excellent pic -- but they are pictures of a giant kidney bean. At City Hall. Mingling with your elected leaders.

And what is this guy volunteering for exactly?

I really hope this girl remembers to wash her hands. Like ASAP.

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I once thought I saw a giant dancing kidney bean on Duval Street in Key West, but it was actually a pinto, I blame the acid. Now I'm having flashbacks, thanks!


My kidney wears a cowboy hat, vest and boots too.

EricNicholson4 moderator

 @mcdallas Whatever claims the National Kidney Foundation might make, there's no way an actual kidney would dress up in that ridiculous outfit, but I think we're splitting hair's here. The point is, there was a giant kidney-shaped mascot dancing in front of city hall yesterday.

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