The Mavericks Are Launching a Dirk Bobblehead Into Space. Because They Can.

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Over at Mavs Moneyball, Andrew Tobolowsky (who, in the interest of full disclosure, I routinely destroyed during pickup basketball when we were at Richardson High) stumbled upon something of a mystery yesterday.

The Mavericks, it seems, have set up a bare-bones web page with a floating Dirk bobblehead and a clock ticking away the seconds to 3 o'clock today. That's when, judging from the accompanying video, the Mavs will strap a camera to said bobblehead and launch it into space.

In the video, Dirk seems puzzled by the idea and says that if the Mavs are shooting anyone into space, "I would say probably take Delonte." That said, the bobblehead launch "would be a huge honor, but I'm not sure how it's going to get up there."

Cut to an open field with cameras, a weather balloon, and, of course, a Dirk bobblehead that we assume will soon be leaving the earth's atmosphere.

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I see two good strong P1's beat me to this..Cash told Gordo on air all about it too..It happened about a month ago.  Way to "scoop" it though..wait, way to "scoop" some other dude that didn't actually "scoop" it either.  Carry on Scoop Callahan! POW!

scottindallas topcommenter

Bob and Dan covered this story a month ago. 


 @scottindallas Cirque De Sirois did a segment, too. They explained that they already did it but were in process of editing the video.

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