Police Looking For Submachine Gun-Toting Kidnappers Who Took Man on Whirlwind ATM Tour Monday Night

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Rudolph Dinwiddie had a rough night on Monday. As he withdrew cash from a Bank of America ATM in the 3900 block of Cedar Springs Road, a car pulled up behind him, and three people stepped out. One was pointing a submachine gun.

"If you don't cooperate, we are going to kill your fucking ass," they told him, according to a police report.

They forced him into the car where they cuffed his arms and legs with zip ties and rifled through his pockets, keeping the gun trained on him while they did so. They kept his wallet and keys to his 2009 Nissan, which they came back and stole. Then, they drove away, stopping first at a gas station, where they used Dinwiddie's cash to fill up, and then at several ATMs to withdraw an undetermined amount of cash from Dinwiddie's account.

After about two hours, the kidnappers threw Dinwiddie from the car into a vacant lot Irving, his arms and legs still bound. He managed to flag down a police car and was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for abrasions to his head and torso suffered during the fall and swollen wrists.

Two of the suspects were captured on ATM surveillance cameras. The suspects are described as a Latin female who was wearing a light-colored shirt and a Latin male, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, 185 pounds, who was wearing a dark blue shirt with light-colored shorts.

Anyone with information about the kidnapping should contact Detetive Scoggins of the Crimes Against Persons Robbery Unit at 214-671-3658 or 214-671-3584.

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If the pics are supposed to help identify the suspects how about making them bigger? 


Submachine gun? What the hell? Were they gonna take over the Alamo?


The reader is left wondering how in Hell he flagged down a cop. This question should be answered at the beginning. It should read,


Rudolph Dinwiddie kneeled with great difficulty by the suburban roadside -- hands and feet bound, traffic speeding past him at near-highway speeds -- and furiously waggled his head in a desperate attempt  to flag down a passing motorist. Several honked and jeered, two threw spent cans of Bud Ice Light at him, at least one hairy wag mooned him, but their callousness only served to galvanize Dimwiddie.Trying again in vain to stand until he finally gave up, Dinwiddie waggled his head with even fiercer determination, emphatically shrugging his shoulders to heighten the effect -- he looked for all the world like a spastic goose on methamphetamines, a fact which caused his face to redden with rage -- until finally one of the cars honked, jeered and then pulled over. The car was a police cruiser. Rudolph Dinwiddie would survive. 


On the TV they said it was a sawed off shotgun.  I know they can't put something on TV if it's not true, but that would mean I can't believe everything I read on the internet.


It's very confusing, except a machine gun? Really?


@LiberalInfection No Bill-o-the-clown's friends...you know...pinheads

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