Thanks, Larry Hagman, for Teaching Us How to Score Pot in Germany

The first season of the revamped Dallas may be over in the United States, but it's just getting started on the other side of the pond. It's scored solid ratings in Britain and is, apparently, garnering attention in countries not inhabited by Anglophones. Take Germany, for instance, where Hagman gave an interview with Bunte magazine.

"Der Dallas Star raucht wieder Marihuana," the magazine announces, or: "The Dallas star smokes marijuana again." German not being Unfair Park's strong suit (it's our third language behind English and Libtardese), we'll turn to the UK's Daily Mail for a translation.

Hagman recently battled throat cancer that, along with the chemotherapy, "really took it out of me." So he turned to his old friend, which, he insisted, he treats as a medicine, not a drug.

"I lost 30 pounds, weighed only 171 pounds," he said. "Marijuana actually brought my appetite back."

At 80, Hagman has, of course, toned things down from his younger days, when he kept himself constantly loaded and tried just about every drug there is. Like mescaline, as he described in a 2011 interview with the New York Times:

Well, I was in a hut with about 10 young Indian boys. I took this stuff and got real sick, but after a while that passed, and I looked down and I had bird's claws, bird's feet and fur instead of feathers. I thought, Well, golly, this is interesting. I flew around the hut, and then I flew through the wall and flew around the reservation and came back. It was a heavy-duty spiritual thing. I wouldn't particularly want to do it again, but it was a wonderful experience.

His taste for pot, however, has not subsided. Für uns in Ordnung!

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

...Uh huh... what Larry said goes for me too.


...about the medicine thingy...


I mean.


NEWS FLASH:  Larry Hagman uses pot to cope with health issues.  Wow just wow!!!   And Eric Nicolson must be getting paid by the letter. 


@Kevin_Hunt - Libtardese: any observation of reality and/or rational argument which conflicts with "conservative" ideology and cannot be logically refuted.


I don't understand how the headline fits with the text. 


Where does he "teach us how to score pot in Germany"?


Libtardese?  As in "retard"? Is that a derogatory reference to mentally disabled people?  What's wrong with this Eric Nicholson guy?


Snark at his near-death, Eric.  


When have you NOT completely missed the point?


JR doing mescaline with 10 little indians. Someone should write a song.

primi_timpano topcommenter

@kevin_hunt Keep reading the comments, especially for any article dealing with immigration or Obama. It is easier to pick up than German, but lacks refinement.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

 @Lakewooder  Someone did. Steve Miller's "Space Cowboy".


(bet you weren't ready for THAT!)

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