Amarillo Man Gets Probation, One Night of Jail a Year, for Killing His Girlfriend

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Michael Paul Buse
In Texas, one thing's for certain: If you're a killer, you're either going to face a really old guy who likes to stick people with needles or spend the rest of your life with a cellmate named Bubba who's been deprived of a woman for far too long.

Unless you kill your girlfriend with a car in Amarillo.

Back in 2010, Michael Paul Buse, 45, ran over his girlfriend and killed her, apparently after an argument. Last week, an Amarillo judge sentenced Buse to probation and a whopping 120 days in jail for the purposeful vehicular manslaughter of Dairy Strout. The judge, worried that the even this vast punishment may not be enough, also ordered Buse to spend the next 10 anniversaries of her death in jail.

That'll teach him.

We mean her! That'll teach her!

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scottindallas topcommenter

"You can't hang a man, for killing a woman, when she's trying to steal your horse."  W. Nelson.


Maybe he's considering residing in Amarillo to be part of the punishment too?


I can say that, I've lived there. And smelled there.


outrageous. he should also have his drivers license suspended.


Alas my new favorite female name "Dairy" is but a typo...damn it

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