Anybody Know The Beefy Aggie Fan Robbing Downtown Banks In Broad Daylight?

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Dallas Police
This much we can tell you about the man suspected of robbing Chase Bank and Northern Trust Bank downtown Monday, just before noon: He's around 25 years old; stands 5-foot-7 to 6 feet tall; wears a goatee that must be so wispy it doesn't even register in the surveillance photos of him; and has numerous tattoos stitching his rather muscular arms.

But it is this last detail that I am convinced will bring about his downfall: He's wearing an Aggie ball cap whose brim is so flat it looks like it's been ironed. If you know any Aggie fans brazen enough to rob a downtown bank practically at rush hour, call the Dallas police special investigations unit at 214-671-3661. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 214-373-TIPS.

Do not -- I repeat, do not -- call the hogs.

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<i>stands 5-foot-7 to 6 feet tall</i>


This part isn't very helpful.  You'd think they'd be able to narrow that down, just from those pictures.


It's really a UT guy who is punking the Aggies. Just like he did with the billboards in Gainsville.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

was the guy wearing sAggie pants?  Dwaine Carraway wants to know

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

That looks like the Main & Akard Chase branch.  They've been robbed multiple times in recent years.

primi_timpano topcommenter

@ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul And a free tip to the banks: use those 7-11 style measurements at the front door. There is a big difference between 5'7" and 6 ft.

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