Dallas Doctor Who Says He Single-Handedly Foiled Obama Assassination Plot Barred From Practicing Medicine

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Not on Dr. Wayne Soignier's watch.
Until recently, Dr. Wayne Soignier worked out of his office on Royal Lane, primarily providing medical evaluations for the Texas workers' compensation system. At some point, the Texas Department of Insurance became concerned about his professional conduct and called him to appear before a two-member panel of physicians.

The meeting did nothing to allay their concerns.

According to an order released yesterday by the Texas Medical Board, Soignier was unable to answer basic medical questions. Also, he "displayed delusional thinking" throughout the proceedings.

Delusional how, you ask? Well, he did tell the panel about that one time he saved President Obama's life. When asked to elaborate, he said he had uncovered a plot by one of his patients to assassinate the president. He promptly informed the FBI who equally promptly poisoned the patient. He knew about the poison because the man's face was deformed "like the Russian politician."

Obama wasn't out of the woods yet, he explained, since there are still 30 groups of "rangers" actively planning his assassination. He elaborated further on his involvement with the FBI, though the TMB order doesn't provide details about that.

The case was taken up last week by the Texas Medical Board, which determined that Soignier is delusional, shows a lack of fundamental medical knowledge and poses "a threat and real danger to the health of his patients." The board forbade him from practicing medicine or contacting patients in any way and ordered him to undergo a complete psychiatric evaluation.

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You should really rethink the title of this article. One would believe that there was an actual assassination plot at first glance.


My first question would be "Dallas has it's own "Doctor Who"? Awesome!"

RTGolden1 topcommenter

I guess my first question would be how does someone who " ... displays a fundamental lack of medical knowledge..." even have a medical license?  Wouldn't that kind of be a pre-requisite?

primi_timpano topcommenter

And how did the Board know this man's allegedly selfless and brave actions were not true? Someone saved Gerald Ford's life.


"... and ordered him to undergo a complete psychiatric evaluation."That's an interesting demand. Does a professional certification board have the right to demand someone undergo a psychiatric evaluation? They can strip him of his license and forbid him from contacting patients, but demanding medical care seem like a step to far for a quasi-judicial board. 


They can as a prerequisite to earning back his license.


 @TitusGroan Yes, I can see that as a condition of granting the reinstatement of his medical license. Other than that, does the board have such authority?

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