Lester Smith, Whistleblower Fired By Constable Derick Evans, Sues County Over Termination

Dallas County is being sued by a deputy fired by Constable Derick Evans and denied a civil service hearing. He's not the only one.
Lester Smith was a deputy under Constable Derick Evans until earlier this year when, according to him, he was fired with several others for blowing the whistle on his boss' illegal activities to the FBI and DA's office.

Smith protested that his termination was straightforward retaliation, and he, like many others, filed a grievance with Dallas County's Civil Service Commission to get his job back. The request was never heard. Smith was hired after August 19, 2003 and so was not eligible to participate in the civil service appeals process that got fellow Precinct 1 deputy Gregory London his job back.

Now Smith is suing the county, saying that it violated whistleblower protection laws by firing him. It's not the first suit filed against the county by deputy constables alleging retaliation, but it is the first filed by an individual stiffed by the civil service process. There are several more of those out there, and at least one is represented by Smith's attorney, Lance Wyatt. This won't be the last suit Dallas County sees.

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oakclifftownie like.author.displayName 1 Like

MEMO to everyone everywhere ......

Consult the organization you work for HR Department before even discussing the Termination of an employee. Then keep your own mouth shut.

 Meeting  with an Attorney who understands Labor relations laws. Might be a good idea as well.If there is a hint of Legal Storm


Just remember the reason YOU Fire some one might not look very good or smart  when a lawsuit is filed against you .


See the case above .





jared.heath like.author.displayName 1 Like

And it shouldn't be.  The county should be ashamed.

WylieH like.author.displayName 1 Like

Seems like a pretty solid case.  One has to wonder why Dallas County Commissioners didn't do anything to avoid this fiasco.

jared.heath like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

 @WylieH that's easy....the Dallas County Commissioners are either:


1) Powerless

2) Idiots

3) Corrupt


or some combination of the above 3. 

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