Watch FC Dallas Star Brek Shea Set Up Winning Goal in Historic Win Over Mexico

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In March, with the U.S. playing El Salvador for a spot in the London Olympics, Brek Shea coughed up the ball late in the game, setting up a game-tying goal that cost his team a trip to London. He wasn't called back up to the national team, marking, as Greg detailed, the nadir of his young career.

Then, despite a rocky season with FC Dallas, Shea was back on the U.S. roster and on his way with the team to Mexico City. There, he found a measure of redemption. At the 80-minute mark, with the score tied at nil, Shea dribbled between two defenders on the left wing and crossed it inside to Terrence Boyd, who deflected the ball with his heel to Michael Orozco-Fiscal who scored the winning goal. It was the first ever victory by the U.S. over Mexico in Mexico. It's history.

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"Football is ubiquitous in Texas. College football, high school football, pee-wee football, pro football.  Every kind of football except the original football, which most Texans believe is a Commie plot."


-Sheldon Cooper


Dallas has a soccer team?  OK, now back to the Rangers, and Cowboys news. Note to Eric:  If you want to make a splash with FCD news, start writing in Al Dia. 

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