Suspect Named in Slaying of Ethiopian Restaurant Owners

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A capital murder warrant has been issued for Abey Bilette Girma, 37, in the killing of the owners of Desta, an Ethiopian restaurant, at around midnight on Aug. 15. Yayehyirad Lemma and Yenenesh Desta were gunned down on the front porch of their home on Marquita Street after closing the restaurant for the night.

According to CBS Channel 11, the arrest warrant says a co-worker of Girma's contacted police after the man admitted to following them home from the restaurant and shooting them. Girma showed the witness the gun he used and said he had felt "disrespected" by the couple.

Girma is 5'11'' and weighs 208 pounds. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, call the Dallas Police homicide unit at (214) 671-3661, or leave an anonymous tip with CrimeStoppers at 214-373-TIPS.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Apparently he was apprehended in Aurora, CO, of all places.


According to the DMN article this morning, he fled to Kansas.  Not many details on the whole "disrespect" part of the story. 


That looks like DPS blue in that picture; so I'm guessing no criminal record?


Hopefully he, or whoever did it will be quickly and permanently removed from our society.

scottindallas topcommenter

it will be interesting to hear the details


"said he had felt "disrespected" by the couple."


Hopefully the legal system will disrespect him by having him sit on death row for a dozen or so years prior to injecting his ass.

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