Venture Capitalist Says Anonymous Emailers Who Told Clients He Would Steal From His Own Mother Owe Him $100,000

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Zahed Lateef was a born entrepreneur. His family emigrated to the United States from India as a kid, and he was soon hard at work. He established a lawn-mowing business when he was 11 then, after graduating from high school a year early, launched a company that bought and sold repossessed tugboats in Louisiana. He tired of that and sold his stake, investing, profitably, in a series of ventures. He became an investment banker for a time, then established a retail energy provider in Texas.

In 2007 he moved on to his current project, Amvensys Capital Group, LLC. He founded the company as a provider of administrative services to businesses, but it soon expanded its holdings to include nearly a dozen companies in the United States and Asia, including a solar firm and Tag Mobile, one of those companies that advertise free cell phones to people on food stamps. It was successful.

Then, on November 17, 2010, Lateef received an email from an individual identifying himself as Hector Bravo. The correspondence dealt with a Public Utility Commission review of matters related to dPi Energy, an Amvensys subsidiary.

"I would like to forward you some information relating to the current PUCT investigation," Hector Bravo wrote. Bravo had recordings of phone calls with customers angry about dPi's billing, disconnections, activation problems and a host of other issues that, Bravo suggested, might cause the commission to look unfavorably on the company. "Your exposure is quite high due to the nature of your filed action," Lateef was reminded.

Luckily for him, Bravo was willing to help: "There is a lot more information that I have available through my sources, but I have certain costs in the procurement of information."

Lateef didn't bite. Six month later, the Amvensys Human Resources Department received an email from Bravo.

"You should know that Zahed Lateef is a theif (sic) and a liar," it said. "Everything hes (sic) says is a lie and he defrauds people all the time. Your company is going out of business and you should all look for a new job."

Over the next couple of months, a person using the Bravo's email address but identifying himself as Larry Green sent a series of emails to Jon Taylor, Amvensys' former chief financial officer and a member of its board of managers. The emails called Lateef a con artist and warned Taylor, "You are dealing with the devil and apparently has you in a trance."

"I believe you have been used by someone with nefarious intentions. Zahed Lateef is a criminal, a thief and a scammer. I do not know if you are someone who believes in God or morals, but Zahed Lateef believes in neither and would steal from his own mother."

Similar emails to Lateef's clients and business associates followed, as did a filing by Green to the Federal Communications Commission outlining similar allegations.

All of this was not just a nuisance but hurt Lateef's business to the tune of more than $100,000 that he wants back, according to the lawsuit he filed this week in federal court. Before that can happen, however, he has to figure out exactly who Hector Bravo/Larry Green are. All he has are a couple of IP addresses tied to a home and a business address in Vancouver.

Lateef is asking the court to help, though the suit notes, Amvensys' investigation into the emailer's identity is ongoing.

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For Zahed Lateef of Amvensys it should only matter if what is said is not true.  The facts are as follows:

1)       Zahed Lateef is a convicted Felon for Theft. Source: Houston Police Department.

2)       Zahed Lateef’s brothers Shahed Lateef and Majid Lateef also have criminal records for a number of charges including but not limited to multiple failure to truthfully identify to a law enforcement officer,  driving under the influence and credit card fraud. Source: Houston Police Department.

3)       Zahed Lateef is the defendant 18 times in cases for non payment to various vendors. Source: Harris County Clerk, Case numbers below. He has numerous judgements against him for failure to pay.







































4)       His brother Shaed Lateef is also the defendant in several additional cases.  Source: Harris County Clerk , case numbers.


























5)         In addition on 5/15/2011 Centerpoint Energy  was forced to file a case demanding over   $300,000 from Zahed Lateef for Breach of Contract in his failure to pay. Case   201129390 – 7


6)       The following statement was made in regard to Zahed Lateef by   Donna Nelson, Chairperson of the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. “Zahed   Lateef has mislead the commission for two years”, this can be verified by   contacting the PUCT at (512) 936-7003. Additionally PUCT staff stated the   following on December 15, 2010. "it appears that   Mr. Lateef has been convicted and found liable for theft in Texas."   Zahed Lateef did not disclose his Felony   Conviction to the PUCT as required.


7)       Zahed Lateef also lied in writing to the   Public Utilitry Commission of Florida in 2011, by stating he had Not been   convicted of a Felony.  He additionally   lied by stating he had never been involved in any Bankruptcy proceeding ever,   when in fact this is also a lie. Tom Fowler reporter for the Houston   Chronicle was in the Court Room when Zahed Lateef was in front of a   Bankruptcy Judge for his Company Riverway Power in 2008. Lateef’s signature   is also found on the Bankruptcy application.


8)       Zahed Lateef has obtained US citizenship and   also carries two passports. His US passport allows him entry into many countries   throughout the world. The US Government is not privy to what he does or where   he goes with his Indian passport.


9)         Zahed Lateef has not disclosed or paid US Tax on   his worldwide assets as required by Every US Citizen on their US Tax   returns.  Lateef has not disclosed his   property holdings, vehicles, bank accounts and business holding in India on   his US Tax returns from at least 2006-2011.


10)     Zahed Lateef’s wife left him several years into   their marriage, information was disclosed to a number of relatives and others   in regard to the true nature of this marriage some of which was that Lateef   married Lubna Manal in order to gain access to her family business and money.   She later reconciled for the sake of their child.




Zahed Lateef of Amvensys tries to control and manipulate most everyone   around him, as indicated by this lawsuit, he has used the Dallas Observer in   an attempt to make himself out to be the victim when in fact the allegations   in regard to him are true and of his own doing.  Lateef has fired many employees at his   companies some of whom have intimate knowledge of the “Fuzzy math” used in   the financials. We live in a country where freedom of speech is paramount and   every person or business that deals with Zahed Lateef has the right to know   about all the publicly available information about Lateef and his family   whether they find out on their own or are informed in regard to it. Currently   the Federal Communication Commission is deciding on the future of Lateef’s   entities under Amvensys of Unity Telecom, Tag Mobile. Lateef did not file   with the FCC immediately upon his acquisition of the company but rather   waited over a year to do so in violation of FCC regulations.  Zahed Lateef of Amvensys has no respect for   the laws of the US and is proven by his personal conduct of the past. His   current problems are of his own doing and behaviour towards others.









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Those wacky Canadians, eh?

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