Prime Prep Academy is Open, But it Still Doesn't Have the City Permits it Needs

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Deion Sanders, greeting parents at a Prime Prep open house in February.
Prime Prep Academy opened the doors of its Oak Cliff campus on Monday as promised. Students went to class, teachers taught, Deion Sanders tweeted inane things. Prime Time delivers again.

There are, however, some unresolved issues, and not just with the athletic program, which has been banned from district play.

In May, we noted that the charter school had not yet jumped through several bureaucratic hoops. It lacked a certificate of occupancy for one, a prerequisite under Texas Education Agency rules. It also had yet to get a specific use permit from the city to allow it to operate a charter school on property zoned for a church, which the building on Ann Arbor used to be.

The school received its certificate of occupancy late last week, albeit a temporary one. That's enough to satisfy TEA requirements and means the building has been deemed safe, but it also means that the school has not yet completed the lengthy process of obtaining a use permit. As a matter of fact, it just started, filing a zoning change request, which you'll find below, only recently.

According to the docs, the request is tentatively scheduled to go before the City Plan Commission next week, at which point the public will be able to voice its support or opposition to the zoning change. After that, the request will go to the full City Council, which will weigh the commission's recommendation and ultimately decide whether Prime Prep should be able to use the building. At that point, the school year will be a couple of months old, which seems a little late to determine if the school should be allowed to operate.

After all, who on the City Council is going to vote to effectively shut down a school, regardless of how the neighbors feel?

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Why do we have laws if we are not going to enforce them? So, if someone is a milliomaire sports celebrity and TV personality, we will waive laws that others are required to follow, even if it means we're putting kids in dangerous situations. Did the TEA insist that the other charter schools who were approved meet these guidelines?


How is this thing even open? Were the financials and "partnerships" ever even explained to the state? How many more charter schools that are basically financial funnels to certain connected people going to be allowed to open?


Anyone who thinks charter schools are going to save education are living in the same fantasy world that Deion apparently lives in. They are solely a profit-driven business with little regard for the students.

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