Suspect Crashes Into Undercover Cop Car and Gets Shot At, All Over a Leaf Blower?

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Word came this morning that Dallas police were involved in yet another officer-involved shooting. This time, no one was shot.

According to a police report, 50-year-old Luis Ramirez placed a $700 backpack leaf blower and other lawn care equipment on his apartment balcony to load into his truck for the day, then went inside to use the restroom. When he returned, a man was standing there, blower in hand. When the man confronted the thief, he jumped over the balcony and drove away in a green Honda CRV.

Ramirez managed to follow the man long enough to get a description of his vehicle, which he passed along to police. About 45 minutes later, undercover officers located the vehicle, unoccupied, at a motel in the 12600 block of Northwest Highway and called in uniformed backup. The man returned to the vehicle and began to drive away as the officers were entering the lot.

When they tried to stop him, he threw the CRV into reverse, and backed into the unmarked car containing the undercover officers. The uniformed police got out of their car to arrest the suspect, who continued to drive away. The officers fired several shots before he surrendered.

Police have not yet named the suspect.

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...another trigger happy Dallas policeman...I wonder what would have happened if a shot had killed the suspect or an innocent bystander...nevermind, this is just another case of an officer that needs at least a reprimand...I wonder how the department will deal with this...

observist topcommenter

When the police car got dented the first cop said "Aw, shoot" and the second cop was just following orders.

scottindallas topcommenter

There aren't $700 leaf blowers.  $500 will buy the top of the line.  Why are cops shooting at a fleeing vehicle?   At that point, only the public is endangered by the bullets.  Before or during the ramming of the vehicle, they're justified.  But, as the story is presented here, the gun fire is unwarranted.


For your information, an automobile is considered a deadly weapon.


The thief reportedly pointed the leaf blower nozzle at the officers and threatened to "blow them all away".


 @scottindallas Oh, but there are:


I know nothing about them, or how good/bad these particular models are, but the prices are over $700.


You're right in saying firing at the fleeing vehicle wasn't the best decision, but unless you know the surroundings/environment/situation, you can't make an informed decision about the public being in danger.  However, if it's the Budget Inn on E. NW Hwy, you're absolutely correct, there is no safe direction of fire there.

scottindallas topcommenter

 @RTGolden again, my father had to settle a case for the city where a robber was stuck in a grocery store, and the cops tried to level the store while he was in it.  The case was that a "sharpshooter" missed the store, and shot some old man in his own house a mile away.  How someone with a rifle misses a grocery store from 100 ft. is beyond me.  But, certainly a car with slopped sides is more problematic.  Again, the "sharpshooter" was standing still, not  shooting in a rush or anything nearly as heated as this situation was like.  I know a service revolver (or whatever) doesn't have the range of  a rifle, but the sharpshooter was in a much better situation


the best Echo blower, which has the  largest capacity is $500.  Mine got ganked about a month after I bought mine.  Now I would've shot at the fleeing car had I seen them leaving with mine.

mcdallas topcommenter

 @scottindallas The point you're both missing is that the gas blower itself couldn't possibly cost $700.  But the gasoline itself brings it over $1000

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