Liverpool's Soccer Team Still Isn't Very Good, and It's Still Tom Hicks' Fault

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Two years later, Tom Hicks still isn't welcome in Liverpool.
In the heady days of early 2007, then-Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks added another major sports franchise to his portfolio with the £435 million purchase of Liverpool F.C. He and his partner, George Gillett, promised to deliver grand things, first-and-foremost a brand-new stadium, but what they did instead was burden the club with hundreds of millions in debt. Their foray into European football ended ignominiously three years later. They did not endear themselves to, well, anybody really.

Two years have passed, but Hicks' shadow apparently still looms large in Liverpool. The team isn't terribly good and, as the Daily Mail and a host of other are reporting, current owner the current owners blame that on Hicks.

As John W. Henry told the paper:

Looking back at the very first day, I was trying to make a point then about how much of a challenge it was going to be because of the issues we inherited.

We had a lack of depth in the squad and some really high payrolls. We also had issues with the age of the players and so forth. We knew it was going to be very difficult. Tom and I went for a long walk and we had to make the decision "are we going to buy Liverpool?"

We had to decide whether we really wanted to take this on, as we knew this was a huge challenge. A much larger challenge than any supporter could know. We had done due diligence and looked at how the situation was financially, with the player contracts and the youth system.

The further we went into it, the more sobered we were.

At least the Rangers haven't suffered any lasting damage.

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seriously, Hicks is really a lovely fellow you should have him round for tea and biscuits

mavdog topcommenter

Liverpool is a middle of the pack squad in the EPL, and they could easily end in the bottom half of the table this season. They've done very little to improve their squad, ran off the manager that brought stability to he team last season, and the fans don't have any patience. Especially when it's Americans who own their club.


Just look at how they vilify the Glazers, who have done nothing but win trophys as owners of United ('cept for last year)


I wonder tho, it seems to me that Henry and his group don't have much to boast about with how the Red Sox have performed the last couple of years. In that case he doesn't have anyone to blame like he does Hicks for Liverpool.


Maybe the truth is that Henry, like Hicks, just isn't that smart an owner.


Vilify Hicks shot based upon current Liverpool regime deflecting criticism to previous owners.


Hicks messed up the Rangers with Chan Ho, ARod signings, but he also put Warsh/JD/Nolan in place.


2009 season was lost when there was no money to sign mid-season upgrades, but the Rangers still managed to sign Profar that year.  


@Liverpolfanclub Football not soccer. When you say soccer I can't take you seriously. Keep Americanisms out of English Football


@JimBoardman I think the people responsible for signing Carroll, Downing and Adam at a combined price of 63M have a lot to do with it Jim.


@JimBoardman Is that what passes for journalism in Dallas then?

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

what ever happened to the lawsuit Hicks had going try to claim the team was illegally sold for far less than he thought it was worth

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