JCPenney Is Being Sued For Loving Martha Stewart Too Much

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Actually, JCPenney is being sued for "tortious interference," as its competitor Macy's tries to stop Martha Stewart Living from setting up shop anywhere at all besides Macy's.

The lawsuit, filed today, puts a crimp in JCPenney's plan to create "mini Martha Stewart stores" inside its locations. Penney's Chief Executive Officer Ron Johnson announced that plan in December, just after JCPenney bought a 16.6 percent share in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, paying a reported $38.5 million. Johnson promised that when stores open in 2013 it would be "transformational" for the Plano-based chain. But Macy's promptly sued Martha Stewart Living for breach of contract, arguing that the department store had an exclusive deal through 2018 to manufacture and sell Stewart-branded products.

According to the Chicago Tribune, however, Martha Stewart Living has countered that Macy's only had an exclusive deal to sell items, and what's more, that the chain "used the Martha Stewart brand to lure customers into its stores, then made little effort to actually sell Martha Stewart products."

Clearly, the lawsuit is yet another example of God's unending wrath, as JCPenney continues to promote homosexuality by showcasing all those happy gay families in khaki shorts, even though One Million Moms warned them to cut it out. First it's a lawsuit, JCPenney, then it's a rain of frogs. Just you wait.

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This was Macy's online ad on August 13, 2012:


"Martha Stewart at Macy's


Martha Stewart Bedding at Macy's.

Save 40-60% Today!"


Ruthlessness knows no bounds with Macy's.  Clearly, J.C. Penney will protect the Martha Stewart brand from being destroyed by Macy's fire sales and prevent the loss of American jobs. This cannot be an "example of God's unending wrath.".

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