The EPA's Photo Exhibit Shows What Texas, Pot Smoking Was Like in the 1970s

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Shortly after it was established in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency undertook a project called "Documerica," which paid freelance photographers across the country to document the environmental and human conditions of the country. All told, more than 15,000 images were collected for the project, and then more or less forgotten until last year, when the EPA and National Archives rediscovered the photos and put out a global call for people to submit matching images from the present day.

An exhibit of original images are in Dallas right now through August 14 on the seventh floor of Fountain Place downtown. You can browse through the collection online, which is worth doing. The photos aren't always what you expect from the EPA, like the dapper gentlemen in downtown Dallas you'll see below, or the two girls smoking pot in Leakey, Texas above. Taken with their permission, of course.


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When was the last time White Rock Lake looked like this?

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I went and saw this today.  The "exhibit" is three of those pop up displays of the type vendors take to trade shows with a few pictures on them in the lobby of the EPA office.  Interesting to see, but not worth going there.  The online collection is much better.  They said the goal is for people to recreate a picture from 1973 so they would could document how the environment has changed over the years.


Earth shoes, bell bottoms, huge afros, open neck floral shirts, Flip Wilson, Don Pardo, Paul Williams, platform shoes, powdered cocaine and 'shotgunning' really weak pot.


Good thing the drugs were so weak, otherwise I wouldn't remember any of this wonderful nonsense.


ah...double knits and white don't get classier than that!

holmantx topcommenter

I saw those two chicks last Thursday in Deep Ellum doing the same thing.


And the horse and regatta at White Rock - same thing.  There is a huge equestrian center at Park Lane and Abrams:  A short ride down the new trail to White Rock Lake.  There's another West Nile Feeding Facility (White Rock Stables) at . . . . White Rock Lake.  and there are sailboat races every weekend - at the two sailboat slip spaces on the east side.


Where you from?





scottindallas topcommenter

 @holmantx that new trail is over 20 years old.  Where are you from?  Chicago?

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