Prime Prep Steals Coach, Basketball Team From State Champ Arlington Grace Prep

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Arlington Grace Prep Academy has established itself as a basketball powerhouse of late, rolling easily last year to its second consecutive TAPPS state title. But the team looks like it might have trouble making it a three-peat, not only because 7-foo-1 center Isaiah Austin and Jelon Hornbeak are off to play college ball.

Grace Prep, it seems, will also have to deal with the departure of coach Ray Forsett and several star players. According to the Fort Myers News-Press, Forsett will be returning to the annual leading not Grace Prep, as he did last year, but as head coach of Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy. I couldn't find a full roster, but according to the tournament's website, former Lion standouts Karviar Shepherd, Jordan Mickey, Emmanuel Mudiay have all joined sides with Deion.

The transfer would make the players ineligible for regular district play, but, as we noted Monday, the whole school is ineligible for district play. As far as I know, the team is free to play as many games in Florida as it chooses.

I've got a call in to Grace Prep to see how they feel about Deion absconding with their basketball team. The school has wasted no time rebuilding. According to the school's website, it has already hired longtime Texas Wesleyan University head coach Terry Waldrop to take the helm.

As for Deion, NBC 5 recorded some of his thoughts here.

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@Dallas_Observer uil should give them the death penalty


@Dallas_Observer wow must be some great education over there at #slimprep lol.. It's not about sports remember #stoplying


@Dallas_Observer 3rd school in 3 years for Jordan Mickey. Great for the kid moving so much. #sarcasm


If this school's operations don't highlight everything that's wrong with charters, I don't know what will. I am not willing to concede that charters are better, compared with any other school that has the ability to select students and kick them out, but to the extent that we do have charter schools siphoning our tax dollars, they should exist solely to provide an acceptable academic experience. If kids are more focused on sports, let them make do in the regular public schools.


@Dallas_Observer SHU...SHU..SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! You're really looking stupid right now. #stepbrothers

ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

I wonder if the "Prep" in "Prime Prep" means that the students are being "Prepped" for NCAA sports programs?


 @anon Steve Blow did a column the other day highlighting advice from a retired teacher.  Her input on improving schools:  address the behavior problems.  Separate those kids, figure out what is the problem (it's generally either an academic issue or an emotional issue...or both) and fix it.  Too bad our school board members apparently can't read; that column makes a lot of sense.


Charters absolutely do not outperform schools who can also select and kick out kids.


Charters:  kids can spend tax money at Deion's school but not at St. Mark's or any of the dozens of other excellent private schools in Dallas.  Uplift, but not Ursuline.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

 @DISDTeacher AMEN - Thank the all seeing eye both of mine are out of public school and off to the college of their choice.


 @Sotiredofitall  @DISDTeacher You are truly lucky not to have to worry about this for your own children anymore!


DISD is facing well over 300 teacher vacancies for the first day of school.  6,000+ kids will be greeted by a sub the first day bc Mike Miles was busy paying 6-figure salaries to "cabinet" members who apparently have no clue how to hire a teacher.  And then Miles tied up all the principal's prep time imparting his cut-and-paste words of wisdom to them.  Truly shameful.


Meanwhile, our trustees visit charter schools to see what's so great about them.  We all expected so much more out of Cowan and Morath.  Shame, shame, shame on them.  We expected the big bag of nothing we've gotten from the rest of them, but Cowan and Morath?  Inexcusable.  

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