Deion's Prime Prep Academy Can't Field an Eligible Football Team. Can it Offer a Decent Education?

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Patrick Michels
Deion Sanders working the crowd during a town hall meeting in February.
Prime Prep Academy, Deion Sanders's charter school, is scheduled to debut Monday. The school's much-discussed football program, the one that was reportedly going to be the subject of a reality show and that Deion himself was going to coach? That might have to wait.

WFAA's Brett Shipp reported Friday that the District 11-3A committee had disqualified Prime Prep from all athletics.

What precipitated the decision was interim athletic director Clevaland Starr's admission that 80 percent of the players on the football team live outside DISD's boundaries, making them ineligible to play under state rules. More than that, the committee members expressed frustration at Prime Prep's lack of transparency.

"We don't know anything about Prime Prep," said Madison High School head football coach Ronald Johnson in Shipp's piece. "We don't know who to contact; we don't know who to call; we don't know who we are going to face; we don't know if we are going to play over here or over there."

That sounds familiar. Since a series of town hall meetings in February, neither Deion nor anyone else associated with Prime Prep has said much publicly, about the school or its football program despite lots and lots of questions.

Deion hasn't commented publicly about the decision, save for a tweet:

According to the Morning News the blanket ban on athletics is unlikely to hold up before the UIL's executive committee. But still, the decision sucks for the kids who enrolled in Prime Prep expecting to play football and raises another, more important: If Prime Prep Academy, a school named for and promoted by a football star, can't field a legitimate football team, can it have the wherewithal to offer a decent education? At this point, it's hard to tell.

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The teachers, coaches, and other administrators who left good jobs to work at Prime Prep will regret that decision.  I feel so sorry for them, but they should have done their homework (no pun intended).  If anyone researches Uplift Fort Worth, they will find no history.  The founder, D.L. Wallace is also the CEO and Executive Director and the only one who "calls the shots".  He claimed he graduated from Baylor, but that proved to be a lie.  Deion has no college degree either.  The other half of Uplift Fort Worth (2-man operation) is Wallace's personal flunkie, Chazma Jones.  None of these people ever worked in the field of education.  This is one of the biggest hoaxes ever!


 If 80% of the kids live outside of DISD, I thought it was the point to get the majority of the kids from DISD?

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

I can still picture that hideous lamp Deion schlepped into court when he was battling his wife for custody.


This charter is no different than the other charters out there.

They all take tax dollars and they all do what they want.

Every single one of them exists to financially benefit the people at the top vs. the kids.


The big charter outfits have simply figured out how to spin test scores and downplay enrollment realities to make themselves appear to be succeeding.  


If we're going to let Uplift and Deion have tax dollars, why can't kids use tax dollars at established, reputable private schools?  Sure they won't all get a spot in a private school, but not all kids will get a spot in these oh-so-fabulous charter schools, either.


Charter schools are a racket and Deion's foray into it simply exposes what is really going on.


Give EVERY child a voucher to use at reputable private schools or stop funding the charters.  


Soooooo now Its our fault you are in the deepest of Do-Do ( the Dash Be silent )


I wonder if the Primetime himself  is going to be at opening day of school for the Children ?

Lots of angry folks Gonna be in a Hate'n mood towards him that day.




"For the kids" is the last refuge of a scoundrel.


No one looking for an education for their child is going to send them to either

a.) a football academy

b.) a program run by Dion "Driver Select" Sanders.

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