BMW For Some Reason Has Decided to "Restore the Outdoors," Including White Rock Lake

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Wouldn't you like this picture a little more if there was a BMW X1 in it? And if the car company donated $10,000 to White Rock Lake?
BMWs are not native to White Rock Lake, though they found a welcoming habitat among the mansions along Lawther Drive and have established colonies in the arboretum parking lot. On Sunday, for one day only, the car company will briefly introduce a new specimen: the 2013 X1.

The vehicle -- whether it's a station wagon-like SUV, an SUV-like station wagon, or just a crossover remains to be determined -- just embarked on a "Restore the Outdoors" tour that will take it to a dozen parks scattered throughout the country, one of which happens to be White Rock Lake. At each stop the car will be Instagrammed.

The reason this is notable is that BMW is also pledging to donate $1 for every person who likes the photo on Facebook, up to $10,000. In BMW terms, that's about enough to buy a rear fender, but in real people terms, it's a decent amount of money.

You won't be able to chip in $1 until the car visits Dallas on Sunday, but when it does, you can like it here. And you can only like one park, so save your affection for White Rock.

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holmantx topcommenter

that picture was taken last Thursday.


YOu can duplicate the exact photo.  Just stick a horse from White Rock stables in the foreground of a regatta this weekend, put the scene on film grain selection, and VIOLA!




I wish people would get over Instagram, especially all the SMU girls who will be showing up on campus in their 2013 X1s very soon. Unless they Instagram their up-tops, then it's cool.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

 @Scruffygeist  I'm thinking of treating all my Observer fans, because of their adoration of me and my astoundingly astute worldview, to hundreds of instagrams of my kitty cats in their most fetching poses.  What think, hmm?

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