Tom Leppert is Moving, We're Just Not Sure to Where

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May we suggest Las Colinas, now just a short train ride away.

Update at 11:09 a.m.: Candy Evans, just back from vacation, has more. You can snap up the Leppert homestead for a mere $5.7 mil. Movie theater included.

Original post: Tom Leppert, you might have notice, did not do terribly well in his quest for U.S. Senate. He lost. Got trounced, even. Not Craig James trounced, but defeated rather handily. So he's not going to Washington, but he is going somewhere. On the same day voters go to the polls to choose between one of Leppert's rivals, his Preston Hollow digs are hitting the market, the Morning News' Steve Brown reported last night.

Former councilwoman Mary Poss is listing the 10,800 square foot home, on the tax rolls for $4.3 mil.. The Lepperts aren't sure yet where they will move, she told Brown, but they're empty nesters, see.

""Their kids are almost out of college and they don't need that much space any more."

Me? I think he just got fed up with neighbor T. Boone's late-night shenanigans.

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Could be that campaign broke him. I don't know of any business he owned he always worked for others.


Maybe he will get a place at the Museum Tower.


Maybe he grew a beard,got some skinny jeans (& a "Fixie"),started drinking Pabst & is moving to Houston.


Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Goodbye you egomaniacal carpetbagger, go build your resume somewhere else and screw some other city.   I'm shocked people bought into his false sincerity shtick.


Good Morning I know its Its still early but  Check the Link is  a DCCAD web page

what you were going for

EricNicholson4 moderator

 @Sotiredofitall To be fair, we only know he's moving, not that he's moving out of Dallas. Maybe he's thinking Deep Ellum loft or one of those gentrifying Oak Cliff 'hoods. 

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

 @EricNicholson4 You're right - Maybe one of those sweet Dallas - Museum Tower condos (no more embarrassing lawn watering) 

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