In Case You Were Wondering What That Zebra Was Doing Downtown Yesterday

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The equid in question.

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor Mike just had to see if there were any new sweater vests at Neiman's, so he strolled downtown and tweeted the picture you see above. (Okay, so it wasn't the mayor, who now signs his tweets MR, but a staffer under the handle @DallasMayorsOfc. It's great to see one's reporting effect real change).

Shawn Williams, the mayor's tweeter-in-chief, wasn't sure exactly what the zebra was doing downtown.

I heard it was part of a sale. I also heard there was cake. I Googled and saw something about striped cake purse but that was more that I could handle at the time. Another staffer saw it and took the pic. I wasn't on the scene.

Neiman Marcus spokeswoman Ginger Reeder did know what the zebra was doing.

"It was the first day of our last call sale," she told me. The sale is sort of a big deal, so stores do what they can to promote it. The downtown location decided to bring in a zebra, to create a "let's go wile with last call" kind of theme.

Reeder wasn't sure where the zebra came from (I asked and, for the record, Neiman's does not keep a stable of exotic animals just in case) but stressed that he was well taken care of. Frequent water breaks and lots of one-on-one attention from model Amy Mueller.

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I thought the Zebra was briefing the Mayor and Dallas City Council on "Zebra Muscles" impacting the Toll Road in the Levy...


They're considering adding the zebra to the gaudy holiday catalog.  It will be the cheapest item in there.

JimSX topcommenter

It would have been great to be there for the whole in-store demonstration, "Zebra to Purse," with chainsaw and much plastic sheeting.

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