If You Illegally Downloaded the Girl-on-Girl Porn Flick 'Mommy and Me 2,' (You Know Who You Are), the Production Company is Coming For You

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Danny Fulgencio
The porn pirates never rest.
You know Combat Zone Corp. as the illustrious production company that brought you such unforgettable cinematic experiences as Bareback Mount Him, These Feet Were Made For Fucking and Chow My Puntang" All of them are motion pictures of the first order, I assure you, but all is not well in the company's California studios, as piracy is slowly eroding its ability to produce such quality fare.

But Combat Zone doesn't take such threats lying down on its knees lightly. Last week, it went on the offensive in federal court, suing a few dozen anonymous porn enthusiasts who have illegally downloaded Mommy and Me #2. That's the sequel to the original Mommy and Me, which, you'll remember, almost won a Nightmoves Award for best girl-on-girl film in 2010.

A handful of those defendants, identified as John Does 1-7, hail from North Texas, or at least their IP addresses do -- two from Dallas, two from Irving, one each from Euless, Bedford, and Mansfield. And they're all part of the same BitTorrent swarm via which Mommy and Me #2 was illegally transferred.

To head off any claim that the individuals thought the porn was the free amateur crap you find on the Internet, Combat Zone points out that its output is "easily discernible as a professional work" created by "professional performers, directors, cinematographers, lighting technicians, set designers and editors. Plaintiff created each work with professional-grade cameras, lighting, and editing equipment."

The approach of naming scores of anonymous defendants in a copyright infringement lawsuit in hopes of subpoenaing their identities and making them pay isn't new. Patrick Michels wrote about the practice, and the Denton attorney who practices it most frequently, for a cover story last year.

Combat Zone, at least in the suits it filed Friday in Texas and Colorado, is represented by Dallas attorney Thomas Jacks. He hasn't returned my call yet. Neither has Combat Zone, though the extremely ordinary-sounding phone tree did make me wonder what it's like to be an office drone in the sex industry?

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BTW if you never visited my site, and curious about thei legal plague we call copyright trolling, you absolutely should. fightcopyrighttrolls.com


Good luck proving who, at a particular IP, was actually doing the illegal downloading.

Heck "my WiFi was hacked and someone must have downloaded that movie" is a workable defense. As is the simple, "I'm not the only person who lives here".


This part is comedy gold.


"A true and correct copy of the IP address used by each Defendant (the “Host IP Address”), the ISP utilized by each Defendant, and the location City and State of the computer utilized by each Defendant thus far identified, together with the date and time at which his or her infringing activity was observed (the “Hit Date(UTC)”) is attached hereto and made a part hereof for all purposes as Exhibit 2"


Useless. The IP is not the IP of the computer making the connection, but rather the IP of the device (usually owned by the internet service provider) that is acting as a modem/router. These devices use technology known as NAT to hide the IP of the computer actually making the request. There can be hundreds of computers behind a single IP address and none of those computers need be located at the same place as the modem/router.


You would be shocked to see how many unsecured WiFi connections are out there. Anyone could connect, commit a crime, and drive away and no one would be the wiser until some company like this tries to arrest someones grandmother.


"Mommy & Me" was OK, but I preferred "In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon".


So DISD Trustee Edwin Flores's law firm represents porn purveyors?


 @prestidigination Courts have long found you are responsible for your IP now. It really is retarded, but there are case precedence now. I had a friend who had to pay $10k to settle a suit because his son had a lan party and downloaded music. 



 @yelledb Stop spreading disinformation! There was never ever such a decision made. If your friend was stupid to succumb to fears and pay to extortionists, it does not mean everyone else should.

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