Decomposed Body Found Near Lexus Dealership Victim of Death, Not Murder, Police Say

Categories: Crime
An employee of Sewell Lexus on Monday happened upon a badly decomposed body police initially believed had been stabbed or shot in the back of the head. An autopsy has since ruled out homicide, and police are treating it as an unexplained death pending toxicology results. But they still don't know who the man is, how he died, or even what race he is. Only that he's a he.

The body was not found on Sewell property but at 3305 Manor Way, which either belongs to a Florida car dealer or an affiliate of Chandler Signs, which operates a manufacturing center a block away. Detective aren't quite sure either, according to a release sent by police spokeswoman Melinda Gutierrez. I called Sewell Lexus hoping to find the employee who discovered the body, but no dice.

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Just another arrow in Jim Schutze's Obamacare quiver. 

Joe Tone
Joe Tone

Death, but not murder. Important distinction. Thanks, Eric.

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