City Wants First Presby to Get Low Income Tax Credits. State Says it Probably Won't

The city wants Evergreen Residences to get low-income tax credits. It won't.
The list of projects in Dallas that could, maybe, get a chunk of the paltry $7.6-million in Low Income Housing Tax Credits allotted for the Dallas-Denton-Collin-Grayson-Tarrant County region was whittled down to four a while back, and city staff told the City Council's Housing Committee today how they would distribute the cash were it up to them, which it's not.

Number one on the list is First Presbyterian and Family Gateway's Evergreen Residences, a collection of 130 family housing units proposed for 1701 Canton St. that would require the most from the city, with $4.6 million coming from federal grants.

The next projects are, in order of staff preference, John Greenan's Cadillac Apartments proposed for Cadiz and South Ervay, which would be for homeless adults; Matthews Southwest's 1400 Belleview, which would provide 164 units for families; and Hatcher Square, which would provide 136 units for families at Scyene and Hatcher.

To be in the running for the tax credits developers need a go-ahead from the City Council, but they are ultimately awarded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

And that agency doesn't rank Evergreen as highly as do city staff. Nineteenth, in fact, out of 21 projects in the region. Belleview is fifth, Cadillac sixth, and Hatcher Square 12th. Those rankings are based on a complex formula that forms more or less the entire basis for TDHCA's funding decision when its board meets in July.

That means that if a project is 19th out of 21, it's almost certainly going to be turned away, said TDHCA spokesman Gordon Anderson.

Of course, the City Council can force developers out of the running if they don't pass a resolution in their favor. I'm not sure what the housing committee recommended today. I wasn't there but have emailed chairwoman Carolyn Davis to see. The full council will vote on whom to support in July.

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Kind of weak first effort at Housing but thanks for making an effort. And I won't bash you for not being Wilonsky aka Steve Blow of the DowntownOakCliffEastDallas New Urbanistas. The guy who covered housing by showering his undying manlove on all things Greenan, Hamilton, Jason, Zac, Brent, Bennett. The shill for his friends projects.

Cadillac/Greenan/Hamilton, covered on NBC as another wonderful Central Dallas CDC project for the poor homeless. However, the is NOT CDCDC although Greenan appears to be CEO of CDCDC (who knows the website hasn't been updated in two years). This project is Green Eggs and Ham LLC, a forprofit corporation who is getting the HUB point by making Greenan's wife and Hamilton's wife the majority owners. Nothing illustrates better how lucrative these deals LIHTC can be.

And before the homelessinc fans jump once again to Greenan's defense, no, the CEOs of nonprofits do not usually set up competing forprofit enterprises with their spouses. Greenan and Hamilton have drunk deep and long at the DowntownCBD housing trough and their projects are ground zero in the HUD suit (which was the executive session item yesterday)


The committee recommended that the council forward recommendations for all four plans with strict instructions that the council not rank them.


So keep hacking at it Eric. No matter how much this blog might pick on you for not being Robert, you're off to a hopeful start.

Robert's 'reporting' of housing and economic development has permitted the mostly white, affluent readers on this blog to believe they don't participate in the corruption that exists at city hall. That's only the poor, ignorant darkies being tricked by their corrupt elected representatives. And yes, nothing stinks wuite as much as a rotten elected official.

But smart affluent white people who kneejerk support their causes without looking at the details are part of the big slopping trough of soft corruption at city hall. Soft corruption of cronyism and favortism that whites get automatically and nonwhites have to take kickbacks to get may not be as odious as a thieving office holder, but it does stink.


Evergreen has MORE private funds lined up than either Cadillac or Hatcher Square combined. That's because Cadillac (like ALL Greenan/Hamilton projects) is one hundred percent public funded. And no investor would touch Hatcher, it is within walking distance of enormous low-rent apartment complexes and huge DHA public housing. Despite Killingsworth repeated nonsense that there is no rental nearby.

Belleview is supported by the neighborhood, a true public-private partnership, needing minimal public dollars. Because it is a Jack Matthews deal the Observer is bound to boo hiss boo hiss. If you want to be like Robert, no actual details should be reported. Just take up the shilling for the 'good' white fellas repping the dead broke, inept, but urbanista cool set.

Here's a good opening,I was on facebook and my facebook friend John has some really cool concepts of high rises downtown with grass on the roof where cows graze (uncool detail, at least $150 million plus to Greenan/Hamilton downtown x 10-15 percent developer fee? So far.)

Or, I was on facebook and my facebook friend Jason has a facebook friend Zac and lookee, they're moving this trashed old DISD portable to a poor neighborhood who doesn't want it and doesn't think it is really cool. But it's so really cool because its Zac and Jason and Zac are saving the landfill. (uncool detail, one year and $300,000 later its still sitting there vacant and boarded up and yesterday the housing quietly pulled back some land earmarked for Zac and gave it to EDCO.)

Or, I was on vimeo and look what Brent and bcW are doing in Jubilee. And Brent's so great he's going to stop nominating himself for Seeds of Change and just go Nobel. (and one year later, Brent and Jubilee sucked up $2.5 millions to provide 24 seniors housing. 24 people that's over $100,000 each for single occupancy rental that's so poorly designed and built they can't get the CO.)


Where to start on Hatcher Square? Vanity project of former Belo board member J Don DallasAchieves Williams and former Dallas City Manager Richard Knight and until Nov 2011 headed by Jon Edmonds. Endlessly shilled by DMN.

The so called 'investor' who already has $one million in the deal is the City of Dallas. Gave money to Frazier Revitalization Inc to buy Scyene properties in 2009. And then in late 2010 the city have $hundreds of thousands to 'Frazier HS, a Texas nonprofit corp' to do demolitions, and maybe buy it again? Problem is, there was no Frazier HS. Non-existent corp got big money from the City. So Edmonds scrambled to Sec of State and quickly formed a FORprofit corp and cashed the checks. THEN, the land was moved from nonprofit FRI to forprofit Frazier HS (which had ONLY Edmonds on the charter). How does pillar of the community J Don Dallas Achieves lose track of $one million plus? And the deed? and how on earth does the city cut checks to a nonexistent corporation? And because a forprofit corp owns this, how does it get nonprofit TDHCA points?

This one also has the pastor who was called back to serve deceased daddy's old church. And J Don Dallas Achieves helped buy his house so he could run for Dist 7 council seat. And DMN said that was as ethical as could be (and endorsed pastor twice for district 7). The good PastorJr was called back to PastorSr's church and, what you say?, all the land that helps make up Hatcher Square?! But he wasn't called to PastorSr tax delinquent old house that was demolished later at taxpayer expense. PastorJr and his first lady are front and center in the 'community support' box.

This project only exists because (quoting old Leo Chaney) the massah Williams wants it and the bought off old neighborhood 'activists' want it.

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