Texas Democrats Make Fun of Republicans with Weird Animated Video, Santorum Jokes

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Someone has shown the Texas Democratic Party the video creator apps on YouTube, and the results are Lego George W. Bush, a joke about santorum (the frothy kind), a version of Rick Perry that looks like a rotund funeral home director and some jabs at sweater vests.

Politicians, please start making more satirical animated videos of each other. We beg of you.

This morning, the Texas Democrats brought us "Meanwhile in Fort Worth," showcasing their theory on what might happen when you get Perry, Santorum, George W. and Paul Ryan in a room together at the Republican state convention.

The results are... middling, we'd say. Lego-resembling George Bush seems rather forlorn, which isn't very true to form, and referring to Santorum as "Sweater Vest" doesn't quite rise to the level of a joke.

Also, isn't that actually Jerry Seinfeld? We called Rebecca Acuña, the Texas Democrat's communications director. She put us in touch with Anthony Gutierrez, the former deputy executive director of the Texas Democratic Party and the maker of the video; he now runs Cadre Media, a political video and social media company.

"I think it is supposed to be Jerry Seinfeld," he told us. "I made it with a service called Xtranormal. It's labeled 'Comedian' or something, but it's obviously supposed to be him. I was a little disappointed there was no Rick Perry or Santorum, but the sweater vest helps him pass."

Hiccups aside, we think the Democrats are onto something here. Maybe the Texas Republicans could hit back with a video of their own, leading to some sort of glorious statewide animated political feud?

"That would be amazing," Gutierrez said. "That's a level I'm happy to stoop to."

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6 degrees on this one was more difficult.  Here ya go... Lego Bush to Lego Seinfeld, Lego Seinfeld to real Seinfeld, Seinfeld to girlfriend Dolores but mis-remembers her name aaaaaaaand you're at vagina! 4 degrees

Anna Merlan
Anna Merlan

Right?! The sexual tension between those two is scorching, dude. 

Nick R.
Nick R.

[Seinfeld voice] "What's the deal with If I Had a Boat? Why would you ride a pony, on a boat!"

Anna Merlan
Anna Merlan

"Seinfeld and Lyle Lovett Kissing" is my favorite failed sitcom spin-off. 

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